Making Attention-Grabbing Pitch That Appeal Your Investors


Running a business can cost a lot regardless how small it is. There are many ways you can get fund for your business to operate smoothly. One of them is finding the right investors to raise your capital. However, securing fund that way is not so easy either. One of the most challenging things is to create a perfect pitch that grab investor’s attention. Another problem is that, investors come with different personalities, work ethic, goals, etc. Hence, you need to do it right to secure funding successfully. 

Making Attention-Grabbing Pitch That Appeal Your Investors

Tips to make a pitch that is appealing to your investors

To close the deal, you need to create a pitch that is well-crafted, relevant, and compelling. The pitching process is not instant. You need to make a plan on how to create the pitch, how to approach investors, and how to appeal them with your pitch. And here are some tips to do it successfully:

Personalize your pitch

As mentioned earlier that every investor may come from different background. And that is your task to find out who you are reaching out to. This way, you will be able to make your pitch more personalized. Do your research before creating a pitch. You can find more information through their social media handles. Find something they like that can be a good link to tie into your product or service. Or, you can try to find another way to build connection.

Know your audience

Similar to the first point, you need to know who your audience is to decide what to present. This way, you know what to highlight from your pitch. Different investors may have different priorities. Some of them might be more interested in listening to your passion and vision. Meanwhile, some others might be more interested to talk about data and numbers. Get a better of your investors before meeting them in a pitching endeavor. 

Know how to answer

It is not easy to answer questions from investors. To think about it might get you sweat like crazy. However, it is a must that you are prepared with possible questions asked by investors. Prepare answers that you think will get their attention and interest. To give perfect answer, you need to understand their perspectives. Know who you are talking to, their mission, and objectives. This way, you know what kind of answers that will be more impactful during your pitch.

Optimize your pitch with customers stories and testimonials

This is one of the most powerful thing to optimize your pitch. Using testimonials or stories from your customers can highlight your product and service to another level. Present stories or testimonials of your customers using your products and services and how they have been impacted. Real life cases like these chow investors that your product or service is good in real life. If you didn’t hear back from your investors, do not be afraid or shy to reach out to them. However, make sure to not overdo it. Three times with various ways of contacting is the limit.