How Airbnb Appeals to Both Property Owners and Guests


The door to renting out properties have been opened even wider for more people. This is thanks to none other than the emergence of Airbnb. A lot of property owners are going to branch out their property portfolio by starting an Airbnb business of their own. What makes Airbnb so popular?

Airbnb listing makes property renting accessible to everyone

The number one appeal of Airbnb business is that virtually anyone could be a renter. Airbnb’s primary appeal is their “unique experience” of living like a local.

Tourists going to your home areas have a certain expectation of living more authentically.

What makes Airbnb popular

By living in the residential area, people who come experience how it is to live in the neighborhood. This is a different experience compared to staying at a hotel, especially ones located in a highly touristy area.

Airbnb succeeds largely because of this novel concept of a commercial staying place.

The property market have changed because of Airbnb

In some places, governments have taken steps to regulate home rentals. This is something that the governments don’t have to do before the existence of Airbnb that makes rental homes more widespread than ever.

Airbnb is so much cheaper compared to conventional hotels

Hotel prices weren’t going down anytime soon as tourism is more rampant than ever. But this changed as Airbnb emerged. Prices become more competitive.

Airbnb has largely changed the game for many property owners looking to rent their real estates to tourists.

One night at a spacious family apartment can cost one night at a conventional five-hotel one bedroom or suite. Similarly, one bedroom rented through Airbnb can cost a fraction of the price of a one bedroom at a hotel.

This makes Airbnb perfect for backpackers.

Amenities that you can access at a more affordable price tag

Not many hotels provide you with access to kitchens. Especially not if you’re only renting the basic one bedroom suite. But this is not the case with Airbnb.

Since a lot of people are renting their very own house or apartments, a very important space—the kitchen—is often included as a part of the deal.

The existence of a kitchen in many, if not most, Airbnb rentals make traveling even more affordable. You’re not only limited to eating out or hotel food.

Nor are you forced to get a takeaway every time or eat a convenience store food.

Cooking is a part of the experience. This is extremely good news for the pocket. And for your health as well, if you enjoy some good, nutritious food. A lot of people spend their days cooking for themselves on a day to day basis whether by choice or by necessity.

By renting an Airbnb instead of the regular hotels or even hostels, guests have access to the kitchen for the duration of their stay.

This is an unexpectedly interesting appeal to guests. Backpackers often have Airbnb as one of their first go-to option for their accommodation. But lately, it’s been observed that small families love to rent rooms from Airbnb too.