Creating A Business That Stand Out From The Competition

Creating A Business That Stand Out From The Competition

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is essential when it comes to running a business to give your brand an upper hand. By being standout, your brand gains more opportunity to piques interests of customers and make them happy. However, not every business owner know how to differentiate their brand from their competitions. Also, some of them choose to do it in more controversial approaches.

How to distinguish your business

It is not easy to stand out from the competition when your business is not the only one in the field. So many businesses similar to your are also running towards their objectives. Hence, it is such a challenging thing to do to distinguish your brand. Here are some of strategies you can consider to try:

Differentiate your product

Product differentiate is important to make sure that the items or services you offers have unique points. It can be about the technology or design you own, specific support you give, customer service experience, etc. With all those unique features, your customers have desire to work with you. Keep in mind that consumers have so many options of products they can choose. Hence, it is your call to make your products more unique and make them unable to find any from other brands.

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Deliver excellent customer service

Customer service experience is one of the most important keys for successful business. It is because most of consumers won’t hesitate to switch brands if they are unsatisfied with the company’s customer service.  Gradually, strong customer service will contribute to your business’s success. Treat each of your customers uniquely, and make them feel appreciated by doing a business with you. You customer service should grow to help place your brand stand out from the competitions.

Be more specific with your target niche

Instead of trying to reach as many people as possible, why not reaching out specific targets who have high potential to become your loyal customers. It is impossible to meet every single person’s demands. Therefore, it is best to approach specific niche to specific group of people that share similar interests, needs, and reasons. Avoid being too general and focus more on your target instead. 

Personalize your service

Always add personal touch to what you offer to create emotional connection through your brand. Make your existing customers happy because they are just as important as prospective buyers. When they have great experience doing business with you, they won’t hesitate to stay loyal. Get to know more your existing customers so you understand their needs and wants. Hence, you know what to offer to help them solve their problems. 

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Be more conscious and responsible to the social issues

Surveys showed that the majority of consumers are willing to pay more for brands who are socially responsible. It can take many forms to be considered socially responsible such as donation, charity, community program, fair benefits and wages for your employees, etc. This way, you show how care you are about the people around you instead of just hunting for profit.

How to Market Your Villa in Jimbaran Bali for Valentine

How to Market Your Canggu Bali Villas for Valentine

The Valentine’s Day is the holiday for couples and, like any other holiday, it’s the time when you can hit a full-book with the right marketing effort. Couples from all over Bali—and the nearby islands is ready for a romantic getaway. So, make sure you grab the opportunities and take advantage of it—even in the weeks following the Valentine. Especially if you have a villa in Jimbaran Bali, one of the most romantic area and popular honeymoon destination in Bali. Here are some ideas how vacation rental owners can make the most of Valentine’s day.

Create A Special Valentine Package in Your Jimbaran Bali Villa!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, guests want a unique approach to commemorate the occasion with their special someone. Offering packages designed specifically for the occasion adds a touch of elegance to the holiday. While classics like Champagne and chocolate will never go out of style, you don’t have to stick to the tried and reliable. Why not put together everything you’ll need for a romantic picnic for two? Or collaborate with a local business (think carriage rides, wine tastings, etc.) to plan a memorable date night? Standing out from the crowd will increase your reservations and foster guest loyalty.

Showcase Your Jimbaran Villa in Social Media

Showcase Your Jimbaran Villa in Social Media

Share romantic photographs of your property’s location on social media to pique people’s attention. Show the romantic side of your villa. For example, boast the landscape from your Jimbaran sea view villa, stage the bath tub with flower petals and candles, hang fairy light in the garden, ir highlight romantic locations to visit and things to do around Jimbaran for Valentine on social media, with a link back to your vacation rental website. Maximise the exposure with the right hashtags like #valentinegetaway, #valentinevacation, #valentinedeals, or more!

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Create Partnership with Local Business

Working with local businesses in your rental’s neighbourhood should be second nature, but if it isn’t, Valentine’s Day weekend is the ideal time to get started! Businesses, like every other holiday, adopt novel techniques to entice potential clients. It might be anything from a restaurant giving away free dessert to a winery giving away a complimentary glass of wine with the purchase of a bottle of its seasonal pinot noir.

Bali is also home of some of Indonesia’s best local winery like Hatten, Plaga, Sababay, and premium chocolate factory like Pod Chocolate and Krakakoa. Wine and chocolate are a very Valentine materials, so see if you can secure a partnership with these local brands. Find out what they are so you can notify your guests about these exclusive offers if they book your villa Jimbaran Bali around the Valentine!

Create the Upsell Strategy for Services

Create the Upsell Strategy for Services in the Villa Jimbaran

Valentine’s Day presents an excellent opportunity for upselling. Guests want to make the event memorable, and they’re ready to spend a little extra to do so. Offer extras like a couples massage, a room upgrade, or a lovely bottle of wine once reservations are made. These upsells will improve their customer’s overall experience.

Offer Additional Service for Couples in Love

Why not provide extra services like champagne or flowers to your guests as hotels do? By including these extra services in your reservation system, you will get a competitive advantage while also allowing guests to plan a surprise ahead of time.

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Spread the Newsletter

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with clients and increase reservations. If you have any special offers for the Valentine’s weekend, send out an email to prior or potential guests. Delivering exceptional offers to an inbox can not only improve website traffic, but it will also allow you to reconnect with past visitors. Get started on your email marketing as soon as possible to give your guests plenty of time to plan ahead! Use email marketing platform to help you develop a campaign and track its outcomes.

What To Consider Before Starting Your Own Restaurant

What To Consider Before Starting Your Own Restaurant

Running a restaurant of your own can be promising and rewarding. Not to mention that restaurant industry is huge with plenty of potential profit to earn. One of the main reasons why running a business within food industry is promising is due to never-ending demands of food. Everyone needs food to live and that is why restaurants keep growing here and there. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to start your own restaurant. You need sufficient knowledge to know where to start and how to manage it to last for long time. And here are some of the most important things to consider before starting your own restaurant:

The name of the restaurant

A name for a restaurant is like a brand, image, and identity. Many people take their time in searching for the best name for their brand. A name has the power to grab the attention of people so it is not something to underestimate for. Try a name consisted of one or two words that reflect the concept or your restaurant and can have a lasting impression on people who hear it. Find a name that is as interesting as possible. 

The fund

Starting a restaurant can cost a fortune because you need to spend your money on renting a location, hiring staffs, buying kitchen equipment, and many other important resources. They are costly and if you don’t have any financial plan, your restaurant is meant to doom. Make sure to have a solid financial plan to help you fund the overall operations. 

The staffs to hire

You cannot rely on yourself to run a restaurant. You will need to hire important people such as servers, hosts, chefs, dishwashers, etc. They important roles you need to fulfill to run a restaurant properly. The process of hiring can be stressful but you can avoid it by making a well-thorough plan. Hence, you get the right people to work with you. 

The location

Regardless of what your business is, choosing the right location is key to success. Imagine choosing a location for your restaurant in such a remote place where nobody passing by. It will be a disaster. Hence, choose a location carefully where visibility is the main thing you consider. Also, choose a space with parking lot so your customers have place to park their vehicles. 

The menu

When it comes to restaurant, the menu being offered is often the key that make customers keep coming back. In fact, lots of restaurants owners take their time in deciding the menu that will attract customers. Before deciding the menu, study the food trends more, and find the ones that are lined up with your concept. Choose also some menus that are teh trademark of your restaurants. It is even better if you offer wide-selection of dish. For example, you have menu for vegetarians, vegans, kids, etc. This way, your restaurant can be a nice-go-to place for families to spend their time at. Also, don’t forget about the pricing of each menu. 

Family Resort Hacks: Better Room Organisation for Your Stay!

Family Resort Hacks- Better Room Organisation for Your Stay!

As Bali is close to Singapore, it make sense that many Singaporean families take their yearly vacation to Bali to enjoy the pristine beaches and lively cultures. Family often flocks to the resort area in Nusa Dua, where the resort complex is placed in gated, security-guarded neighbourhood and the big, empty roads that separate one resort from another create a calm ambience which is perfect for a family holiday. 

However, travelling with families are often times messy. You gonna have messy bathrooms, messy bedrooms, and cupboards that looks like a temporary nest. So, whether the family spend much time in the room or not, an organized room will certainly make your stay much more enjoyable. The key is making the most of each space while also making it work for your family. So make sure to bookmark this page and it will come handy at any times you’re taking the family trip to Bali. 

Pack All the Stuff

You know what people say; pack less and buy other things in your destination. However, every parents know that packing less and minimalism is virtually impossible for travelling families. The specific snacks your kids only want to eat; the specific toys that help them to stay quiet; the specific  stuffed animals to help them sleep; and just bunch of other things. The lotions, skincare, aftersun, and other things. While we know that you can easily get anything you need while you are in Bali, who has the time for that? 

Bring Hanging Carousels to Get More Space in the Closet

Bring Hanging Carousels to Get More Space in the Closet

Most closets in family resorts in Bali are great. However, you’ll always need extra space when you’re travelling with kids. Bring one or two hanging carousels or shelves with me that you can hang up and use as additional storage space. They’re wonderful for storing all those miscellaneous objects or organizing your kids’ outfits by day. Think of baby wipes, sunscreen, sunglasses, glow sticks, extra batteries, etc. It keeps everything in one spot rather than strewn throughout the room.

Bring A Liquid Soap and Toothbrush Holders

A simple way to keep your bathroom from looking like a crazy mess. A liquid soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder are two essential accessories in our bathroom. What’s the point of soap? Soap bars are provided by the Nusa Dua family resort, of course. However, those little bars that, once wet, will be these slick little things that the kids always drop! So we bring a liquid soap in a Ziploc bag to make handwashing easier and less messy. Keep toothbrushes in a cupboard at home. Bring a toothbrush holder to keep them all in one place and not strewn over the sink for when the housekeeping comes and may relocate them.

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Call The Nusa Dua Bali Family Resort Before to Ask Some Amenities

Call The Nusa Dua Bali Family Resort Before to Ask Some Amenities
Image credit: Instagram/@holidayinnbalibenoa

Many parents are concerned about their children sleeping in resort beds when traveling with youngsters. In addition to pack-n-plays for small children, some Bali all-inclusive family resorts in Nusa Dua provide bed rails for you if you call and request them. They can also deliver a stool to your room! This is also useful for washing your children’s hands if they aren’t tall enough to reach the sink! In case our room doesn’t have a “soft glow” option, I keep a nightlight in my carry-on. It’s sometimes too bright to leave the bathroom light on for the kids.

Pack the White Noise Machine

You might also want to bring a white noise machine with you when yiu travel. If you’re a light sleeper, you might be concerned about noise from other guests, but we create a soft white noise that drowns out all external noise. If you don’t already have one, you can download one, but we never leave home without ours!

Sponge & Dish Soaps

Pack a Ziploc bag with a sponge and a travel small dish soap. You don’t want to wait for the housekeeper to come each morning to wash all the cups and plates. The soap will especially help  if you’re traveling with any water bottles, thermoses, sippy cups, or anything else that has to be cleaned! Each night, you can easily wash your items in your sink.

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Charging Hub

While a lot of family resorts in Bali has recently upgraded their rooms to include normal outlets as well as many USB outlets, you may want to bring a charging hub with you to ensure that you can charge all of your gadgets each night! Think of how many devices does your household have that require charging? Now you have many outlets to charge the watches, smartphones, tablets, iPods, e-readers, laptops, cameras, and external chargers!

The Benefits Of Developing Public Speaking For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

When it comes to starting your own business, you will face many challenges in every steps of your way. However, that should not discourage you to keep moving forward and reach your goals. To face all the challenges, you need to know what skills to develop. With the right skills, you know what solution is the best for the problem, how you respond to difficult situation, etc. In your entrepreneurial journey, you also have to interact and connect with other people. And the skill you need to embrace is public speaking. 

The Benefits Of Developing Public Speaking For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Public speaking and your potential to be successful with your entrepreneurial journey

Even when you are just starting out your business, there is nothing wrong with developing various skills including public speaking because it will benefit you. There are many opportunities you can get from embracing public speaking, such as:

Build your competence

Through excellent public speaking, you know what and how to demonstrate your competence. You also know how to deliver the level of your confidence. It is important because then you will be able to be seen by others especially the ones that matter to you in your industry. Your visibility is increased because you know the right way to gain added credibility. With good public speaking, you can also show your leadership quality. It also make you beyond expectations. 

Affect your reputation

We all know that reputation is important when it comes to business world. People will trust you through you good track record and reputation. And people can see that from how you deliver your public speaking skill as well. When you are articulate in delivering your opinions, thoughts, perspectives, and so on, you will be seen as someone with credence. People see you for your expertise because you are able to deliver what you want to convey perfectly. 

Extend networks

In business world, networking does matter because you cannot just rely on your own hard work. You also need to work smart by connecting with other people who can contribute to your success. Networking requires communication and interaction through socializing with others such as professionals, experts, customers, etc. With good public speaking, it will be easier for you to make relation with others, extending your network that will benefit you in the long run. 

How to start embracing public speaking

To develop your public speaking, you need to practice and practice. You won’t be instantly good in ust a day or two. The more you practice your public speaking, especially in professional settings, the better you will become. You don’t have to wait until you gain more confidence to start honing in on your public speaking skill. In fact, the more you practice it, the more confident you are going to be. 

You can start slow and small by taking speaking opportunities at all levels. For example, trying to be more active during meeting with the panel or during small group meetings. In time, your public speaking skill will be developed and give your more opportunity to reach your goals. 

5 Reasons Why Becoming A Divemaster in Bali Should Be in Your Next Step

5 Reasons Why Becoming A Divemaster in Bali Should Be in Your Next Step

What is divemaster actually, and why becoming a divemaster in Bali is a good plan for every diver? One of the most rewarding scuba diving qualifications you can earn is the PADI Divemaster. The Divemaster course is so rewarding because it equips you with vital skills and remarkable experiences that benefit you in many areas of your life, not just scuba diving. The PADI Divemaster course has a lot to offer you whether or not you want to work in the scuba diving industry. The most of us are aware that the divemaster course allows you to improve your diving skills while also gaining work experience in a dive shop. But did you know that there are a slew of other, less obvious advantages to finishing the course?

Being A Divemaster in Bali Allows You to Work in Dive Industry

Being a Divemaster allows you to work in the diving sector and earn money while diving. If you become a divemaster in Bali, you will be more open to opportunities. You will be able to plan, organize, direct, and supervise dive trips in which you will take other divers to dive locations and act as their guide and leader. You can also work as an assistant teacher in all levels of diving training, or use it as a stepping stone to becoming an official instructor who directly instructs other divers seeking certification.

Many divers who become Divemasters, on the other hand, have no desire to ever work as one. Their motivations vary, but the most popular one is that it is the best method to develop your diving skills and learn more about all aspects of diving.

Strengthening Your Dive Skills

While some people go straight from PADI Divemaster to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you may like to take it slow and enjoy the trip. As a PADI Divemaster, you’ll improve your diving abilities and knowledge by learning from peers at a variety of dive sites all around the world.

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Being A Divemaster Bali Make You Open to Opportunities for More Adventurous Roles

Being A Divemaster Bali Make You Open to Opportunities for More Adventurous Roles

You might get your divemaster certification in Bali, but you will be open to worldwide opportunities. As a divemaster, you can work as a PADI Divemaster in a variety of settings across the world, including diving resorts, live aboards, private boats, and cruise ships. A PADI Divemaster‘s responsibilities include welcoming and entertaining customers, organizing and directing diving activities, supporting instructors, executing some programs alone, filling cylinders, and sometimes even assisting in the dive shop. Leading others on underwater adventures is an important element of being a PADI Divemaster. It’s a way of life unlike any other. It is unrivaled, and you are compensated for doing what you enjoy!

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Discover New and Wonderful Places All Around the World

The majority of dive master courses last 4-5 weeks, however there is often the option to stay on and work for the dive firm, honing your new abilities and increasing your confidence. Many dive shops also offer internships, which are longer programs that come with a discount in exchange for support when you finish your course. Now imagine having a divemaster inernship in Bali and exploring this beautiful island between your courses. Becoming a divemaster is one way to travel, explore, and get to know a place in deeper (literally) level. 

Being Able to Participate in Marine Conservation Programme

You can become involved in Marine Conservation Projects, which are a terrific opportunity to learn more about the difficulties that face marine ecosystems. As a PADI Divemaster, you have the option of getting up up and personal with marine species or conducting underwater research. In any case, this will undoubtedly be a life-changing experience.

Remove Your Flaws By Forming Positive Habits to Become Successful

It is not a secret that humans have flaws in many aspect. There is no such thing as perfect person. It is easy for us to get distracted and less productive because of minor things even. There are many distractions in life that can make you less focus. You could also be more productive if you can remove all the distractions. However, it is surely easier said than done. Even minor distractions such as open chat room, social media, or etc can make you less productive which makes it harder to reach success you aimed for. 

Remove Your Flaws By Forming Positive Habits to Become Successful

Forming positive habits and own more control to be successful

Lots of successful entrepreneurs might have had their own struggles developing habits that lead them to their successful career and life. It is easy for you to lose focus when your tabs are full of things such as stock page, news, programs, etc. Your attentions are everywhere so your focus has no direction whatsoever. Those outside forces end up controlling you not the other way around. So how to develop positive habits and remove your flaws so you have better control to be successful?

Use strategic ways in doing your daily tasks

Your daily work force may lead you to stress if you are not strategic. Thus, put your focus on your priority and role. For example, you can focus more on operational detail since this is one of the most crucial part of business. You may get left behind if you let yourself distracted when handling operational details. Keep in mind that you have to apply effective strategies in handling this matter. To achieve that, you should be more and more productive. 

Plan your time management

Remove Your Flaws By Forming Positive Habits to Become Successful

Even if you have so many tasks in a day, you can complete everything successfully if you have them planned. Your time management is the key for your productivity. Not to mention that it helps build your self-discipline. By following the time management you set yourself, you build the routine and start to understand the priority of the day. This will benefit you in the long run. To make the most of your time, you can also delegate administrative details down to others. 

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Find time to think deep, reevaluate, and research

Your business needs to grow positively. However, it cannot do when you are stuck with many things on daily basis. Instead of looking for the right time, it is better to find the time yourself. Thus, you have time to truly collect your thoughts. Sometimes, it is needed so that you can find great ideas. Keep in mind that more often than not, ideas and innovation come out when you are in the most relaxed state not when you are so stressful. 

To remove your flaws, make sure to be self-aware

It also means you need to pay attention on your well-being. Maintaining your health is part of developing positive habits to be successful. Make sure to make everything balance in your life so both professional and personal goals can be achieved successfully.

Improving Your Work Performance in Running Business

There must be a time when you feel like less motivated to work properly. If it happens only once in a while then it is normal and you just need a boost to give your motivation back. Your work performance affects your business. If you want your business to be successful in the long run, you need to find a way to improve your own work performance. To measure your work performance, you can check the annual performance evaluation. It is when you can evaluate yourself of what to improve or fix. It is true that it will be easier to let people assess you instead of yourself. However, self-assessing is also important to do if you want to be better.

How to improve work performance effectively

There is no such thing like you cannot do better than what you did. There is always a chance to do better. Improving your work performance is not something you can do just once if your whole career. It is something you need to do constantly and regularly. This is how you will grow professionally. Here are things you can do to improve your work performance which in result can improve your business.

Improving Your Work Performance in Running Business

Setting success in your pace

There is nothing wrong with dream big. It is a must so you will stay motivated. However, bigger dream means bigger expectations and more overwhelming projects to be done. Therefore, it is much better to set milestones where you break those big projects into smaller sections. You will keep achieving victory and stay motivated to achieve another one. You need to maintain your morale and energy if you want a success in the long run.


To improve your work performance, start by organizing. You can break down those big projects into smaller tasks and establish the due date. You also need to organize your tasks based on priority. This will help you to perform better because you can do everything in the right order which results in more positive performance. While prioritizing and organizing your tasks, make sure to set reasonable goals to stay sane. Do not try to fit everything into your limited period because you cannot lengthen the time as you want.

Try to Not multi task

Lots of people claim they are good at multitasking. However, it is much better to do one thing at a time. This type of accomplishment does well for the quality of work. Remember that you have your tasks organized by priority so always stick to that. It is faster, less stressed, and more effective.

Block Any Distraction

Try to block any distraction that can disrupt your work. Distraction is one big enemy for productivity. It makes you hard to stay focused on your tasks. In the end, there is no task you can accomplish. Thus, you need a strategy to block the distraction. For example, you can turn off your phone when you finishing your task. It is better to work under short time without any distraction than working for hours with various distractions in between.

Safe Inking Only at the Best Tattoo Studio in Bali

Getting a tattoo means putting your health at risks. Yes, tattoo could cause swellings, redness, and soreness after it’s done, and that’s perfectly normal. However, tattoo also brings serious health issues like rash, fever, chills, skin infections, allergic reactions, to the most fatal: blood borne diseases. The risks increases in poorly maintained tattoo parlours and tattoo artists who don’t take serious concern in hygiene. As tattoo culture has increasingly popular in Bali, so has the associated health risks. This problem laid a solid emphasis to get inked only at the best tattoo studio should you wish to get a tattoo in Bali. 

A research by New England Journal of Medicine report that 19 parlours in the Rochester, New York, were positively infected by Mycobacterium chelonae, which responsible at causing rash and bumps at the skin. If this reaction is left untreated, the bacteria could spread into the lungs, causing further infections. What makes it even worse is that the ink, manufactured on Arizona, has been contaminated even before distribution. The parlours might not have the full blame for this, but we can’t deny the fact that many studio tattoos still apply low-service standard. Some still employ tattoo artists without license as long as the said tattoo artists are willing to pay certain fees. Unregulated tattoo shops exposes you to health dangers. Here’s a few guide to notice a bad parlour and get a tattoo in Bali only in the best studio. 

Safe Inking Only at the Best Tattoo Studio in Bali

Best Safety Practice in Studio Tattoo Bali

Single-Use Personal Equipments

The best studio tattoo in Bali should never reuse the needles to tattoo another customers. Every needles should be single-use and thrown away right after usage. When you visit a tattoo parlour, makes sure they can show you an individually packages disposable needles and tubes. Ensure they opened the packages in front of you right before the treatment. Reused needles increase the risk of transmitting hepatitis from people who get tattooed previously. Some tattoo studio offer single-use ink, but they are rare and pricier.

An Experienced Tattoo Shop

When you are researching for the best tattoo places in Bali, ask for their previous portfolios and the experiences of the artist. A tattoo shop could just opened one to two years ago, but they are housing dozen of talented artists with 5-10 years of experiences on their background. 

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The Telltale of Sloppy Parlour

You know the signs. Blood splatter, dirty floor, dirty work surfaces, and chairs which looks like they need reparation years ago is a big no. Red flag if you can’t see container of “sharps disposal”. They might reuse the needles and lack in infection-control practices. 

The Best Studio Tattoo in Bali Have Safety Procedure

Ask whether they follow the safety procedures. Every tattoo artists should wears sterile gloves when inking and dispose them once after session. They should use only disposable wipes to wipe your skin. Reused clothes are a big no no. Make sure they sterile the surfaces and tattoo equipment before the session.

Whenever you got a tattoo, remember that safety should be your top priority!

How to Make Money Through Surfing Business

Surfing is fun and have many benefits for our health since the main thing you do is encouraging yourself to exercise. The interesting thing is, many people are also interesting to pay amount of money to experiencing it and that’s where this water sport can be a source of money and income.

Ways to make money through surfing business

To make money through surfing business, there are some several ways you can do base on your skills as well as your business budget. Here are some possible ways how to makes it as the worth living business and your future career. Note that I will excluded that being an athlete is also a good way to make money, but I am sure you are knowing that we are not talking about that here. Moreover, I think that being the surf athlete is never been a business.

1. Surfboard rental

All you need to do is buy some surfboards that you think will be needed by the surfers and then heading to the beach where you are going to make a rental business. You can charge the cost for hourly rate or even a day in return of some amounts of money.

Many people are doing this business at the beach because they don’t even need to have or renting a spot. Just by placing the surfboards at the beach, you can then start offering the rental service for anyone who you think are interesting.

2. Offers the surf camp services

Surfing can also be a way how you are spending the holidays. Its fans has been increasing over the world and there have been many surf communities spreading across the countries. Surf camp itself is a surfing course that is included with the accommodation.

If you think that you are possible to offers the surf camp services, then you can start finding your prospective surfing enthusiasts right away. What you will love about making money through this business is, you can target all kind of customers from the teenagers up to adult people. You have a chance to expand your business since you are likely to collaborate with the accommodation owners as well as with the travel agents.

3. Make money being a surf instructor

If you are the surfing enthusiast for years and have been mastered some important skills and knowledge in surfing, you may are interested in making money to share your knowledge and skills as the surf instructor.

Being a professional surf instructor is also the worth living profession. You can start finding the surf company or a surf camp for that. Being a freelance surf instructor is also possible especially the surfing spots in where you are living have been popular in the world.

4. Being a surf photographer

While you are mastering the new technique in surfing, you can also learn how to be a surf photographer in your spare time. There have been many microstock sites that are allowing you to sell your images and videos including about surfing.

I am recommending you this because surfing itself is a micro niche for photography and there may still small amounts of photographers that are focusing in this niche. You can also offering your professional photography to the surf magazine or other travel businesses that are requiring more authentic and original surfing photos.

5. Build your own surf website and start earning through many possible ways

How many surfers are writing their surf journey and sharing their skills through their blog or site? I think, there are not many of them. So, if you think that surfing is truly your world, sharing your stories with the rest of the people can be your start to make money through your own website.

You can start earning through ads network, registering on a surf products or services affiliate program, and many more.

What else do you have in mind for the surfers to make money through surfing business?