Making Attention-Grabbing Pitch That Appeal Your Investors


Running a business can cost a lot regardless how small it is. There are many ways you can get fund for your business to operate smoothly. One of them is finding the right investors to raise your capital. However, securing fund that way is not so easy either. One of the most challenging things is to create a perfect pitch that grab investor’s attention. Another problem is that, investors come with different personalities, work ethic, goals, etc. Hence, you need to do it right to secure funding successfully. 

Making Attention-Grabbing Pitch That Appeal Your Investors

Tips to make a pitch that is appealing to your investors

To close the deal, you need to create a pitch that is well-crafted, relevant, and compelling. The pitching process is not instant. You need to make a plan on how to create the pitch, how to approach investors, and how to appeal them with your pitch. And here are some tips to do it successfully:

Personalize your pitch

As mentioned earlier that every investor may come from different background. And that is your task to find out who you are reaching out to. This way, you will be able to make your pitch more personalized. Do your research before creating a pitch. You can find more information through their social media handles. Find something they like that can be a good link to tie into your product or service. Or, you can try to find another way to build connection.

Know your audience

Similar to the first point, you need to know who your audience is to decide what to present. This way, you know what to highlight from your pitch. Different investors may have different priorities. Some of them might be more interested in listening to your passion and vision. Meanwhile, some others might be more interested to talk about data and numbers. Get a better of your investors before meeting them in a pitching endeavor. 

Know how to answer

It is not easy to answer questions from investors. To think about it might get you sweat like crazy. However, it is a must that you are prepared with possible questions asked by investors. Prepare answers that you think will get their attention and interest. To give perfect answer, you need to understand their perspectives. Know who you are talking to, their mission, and objectives. This way, you know what kind of answers that will be more impactful during your pitch.

Optimize your pitch with customers stories and testimonials

This is one of the most powerful thing to optimize your pitch. Using testimonials or stories from your customers can highlight your product and service to another level. Present stories or testimonials of your customers using your products and services and how they have been impacted. Real life cases like these chow investors that your product or service is good in real life. If you didn’t hear back from your investors, do not be afraid or shy to reach out to them. However, make sure to not overdo it. Three times with various ways of contacting is the limit. 

How to Life Like A Local: 1 Week Vacation in 2 Bedroom Villa Canggu

How to Life Like A Local: 1 Week Vacation in 2 Bedroom Villa Canggu

Bali is well-known among tourists for its magnificent scenery, surfing, temples, and resorts. Bali is no stranger to wide-eyed visitors stepping out from their planes at Ngurah Rai Airport, before being picked up to five-star oceanfront resorts in Nusa Dua, private villas in Canggu, or famous riverside restaurant in Ubud, or other touristy destinations. But once you’ve done snapping sunsets in Batu Bolong beach and shops some artsy goods, what can you do to experience the authentic Bali? What can you do during your stay in a 2 bedroom villa Canggu to taste live of the local? 

Get Insider Tips from the Host of Your 2 Bedroom Villa Canggu

What’s better tips to live like a local than getting an insider tips for your host or villa owner? When you book the villa, make time for little talks with the owner. Ask for recommendation for best local place to eat, where to go, and what to do.

Get Around with Motorbikes

There is no better way to travel around in terms of personal transportation than on a motorcycle. Bikes can be rented for around $5 per day, depending on your stay length. However, before hitting the road, make sure you rent from a reputable firm and are familiar with the rules of the road. n Bali, traveling by motorcycle is more usual and less expensive than traveling by car, and it’s not uncommon to see motorbikes loaded with building materials, fruit, cleaning supplies, and other stuff.

Take A Closer Look to Balinese Culture in Daily Life

Take A Closer Look to Balinese Culture in Daily Life

Over 80% of Balinese people follow a unique kind of Hinduism, and worshiping and offering offerings to their ancestors is an integral aspect of this spiritual system. Special rituals are also performed for gods and spirits, as well as for significant life events.

You’ll notice the many colorful flower offerings in front of every shop and even in the middle of the street when you arrive in Bali. They’re called Canang Sari, and the majority of the population prepares them every day to appease the numerous gods. The Balinese place a high value on the balance of good and bad in their daily lives. Their beliefs are deeply rooted in nature, with a strong emphasis on rituals and rites. The owner or caretaker of your villa might leave some Canang Sari in the morning. You can learn how to make it and how to perform the daily ritual from them during your vacation at the 2 bedroom villa in Canggu!

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Travel Around Galungan Days

Travel Around Galungan Days

Before you travel to Bali, take some time to research at what time the Galungan Days fall at that year. If you can, go on some days before Galungan. Galungan is one of Bali’s big, celebrated holiday that marks the time when the spirit of ancestors visit the earth. It is celebrated twice a year and during that time, you will see how Bali get prettier and magical. The magic in the air is even more palpable during this 10-day celebration. The island overflows with colors and fragrances. The streets are gorgeously decorated with Penjor, Balinese people are clothed in traditional attire, festivities are held all over the island, and the Gods are lavishly worshiped with offerings.

Get Involved in Local Banjar’s Ceremonies

Balinese people participate in everyday rituals and religious events to commemorate their lives. Their Hindu customs are revered, and being invited to a ceremony is a privilege. If you spend just a few days in Bali, you’ll notice a procession of well-dressed natives en route to a ceremony commemorating a birth, the various stages of a baby’s life, puberty, marriage, death, or another significant life event. Most Balinese people are kind and accommodating, so you’ll likely form lasting acquaintances in just a few days. There’s no doubt that if you’re invited to a ceremony, you should adjust your travel plans.

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Eat Like the Locals

When we talk about eat like the locals, that mean the warungs (food stalls with assorted meals). Warungs aren’t only the cheapest places to eat in Bali; they’re also some of the most authentic and tasty. From street carts to little stalls to full-fledged restaurants with tables and chairs, warungs come in all shapes and sizes. You may get true Nasi goreng (fried rice with veggies), Nasi campur (rice with small pieces of different meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs, and other traditional Indonesian foods) and a variety of other traditional Indonesian cuisine for roughly $1 to $2. These are the locations where the locals dine when they’re not at home, and the best have a long line of people waiting to place an order.

The Benefits Of Developing Public Speaking For Your Entrepreneurial Journey


When it comes to starting your own business, you will face many challenges in every steps of your way. However, that should not discourage you to keep moving forward and reach your goals. To face all the challenges, you need to know what skills to develop. With the right skills, you know what solution is the best for the problem, how you respond to difficult situation, etc. In your entrepreneurial journey, you also have to interact and connect with other people. And the skill you need to embrace is public speaking. 

The Benefits Of Developing Public Speaking For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Public speaking and your potential to be successful with your entrepreneurial journey

Even when you are just starting out your business, there is nothing wrong with developing various skills including public speaking because it will benefit you. There are many opportunities you can get from embracing public speaking, such as:

Build your competence

Through excellent public speaking, you know what and how to demonstrate your competence. You also know how to deliver the level of your confidence. It is important because then you will be able to be seen by others especially the ones that matter to you in your industry. Your visibility is increased because you know the right way to gain added credibility. With good public speaking, you can also show your leadership quality. It also make you beyond expectations. 

Affect your reputation

We all know that reputation is important when it comes to business world. People will trust you through you good track record and reputation. And people can see that from how you deliver your public speaking skill as well. When you are articulate in delivering your opinions, thoughts, perspectives, and so on, you will be seen as someone with credence. People see you for your expertise because you are able to deliver what you want to convey perfectly. 

Extend networks

In business world, networking does matter because you cannot just rely on your own hard work. You also need to work smart by connecting with other people who can contribute to your success. Networking requires communication and interaction through socializing with others such as professionals, experts, customers, etc. With good public speaking, it will be easier for you to make relation with others, extending your network that will benefit you in the long run. 

How to start embracing public speaking

To develop your public speaking, you need to practice and practice. You won’t be instantly good in ust a day or two. The more you practice your public speaking, especially in professional settings, the better you will become. You don’t have to wait until you gain more confidence to start honing in on your public speaking skill. In fact, the more you practice it, the more confident you are going to be. 

You can start slow and small by taking speaking opportunities at all levels. For example, trying to be more active during meeting with the panel or during small group meetings. In time, your public speaking skill will be developed and give your more opportunity to reach your goals. 

5 Reasons Why Becoming A Divemaster in Bali Should Be in Your Next Step

5 Reasons Why Becoming A Divemaster in Bali Should Be in Your Next Step

What is divemaster actually, and why becoming a divemaster in Bali is a good plan for every diver? One of the most rewarding scuba diving qualifications you can earn is the PADI Divemaster. The Divemaster course is so rewarding because it equips you with vital skills and remarkable experiences that benefit you in many areas of your life, not just scuba diving. The PADI Divemaster course has a lot to offer you whether or not you want to work in the scuba diving industry. The most of us are aware that the divemaster course allows you to improve your diving skills while also gaining work experience in a dive shop. But did you know that there are a slew of other, less obvious advantages to finishing the course?

Being A Divemaster in Bali Allows You to Work in Dive Industry

Being a Divemaster allows you to work in the diving sector and earn money while diving. If you become a divemaster in Bali, you will be more open to opportunities. You will be able to plan, organize, direct, and supervise dive trips in which you will take other divers to dive locations and act as their guide and leader. You can also work as an assistant teacher in all levels of diving training, or use it as a stepping stone to becoming an official instructor who directly instructs other divers seeking certification.

Many divers who become Divemasters, on the other hand, have no desire to ever work as one. Their motivations vary, but the most popular one is that it is the best method to develop your diving skills and learn more about all aspects of diving.

Strengthening Your Dive Skills

While some people go straight from PADI Divemaster to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you may like to take it slow and enjoy the trip. As a PADI Divemaster, you’ll improve your diving abilities and knowledge by learning from peers at a variety of dive sites all around the world.

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Being A Divemaster Bali Make You Open to Opportunities for More Adventurous Roles

Being A Divemaster Bali Make You Open to Opportunities for More Adventurous Roles

You might get your divemaster certification in Bali, but you will be open to worldwide opportunities. As a divemaster, you can work as a PADI Divemaster in a variety of settings across the world, including diving resorts, live aboards, private boats, and cruise ships. A PADI Divemaster‘s responsibilities include welcoming and entertaining customers, organizing and directing diving activities, supporting instructors, executing some programs alone, filling cylinders, and sometimes even assisting in the dive shop. Leading others on underwater adventures is an important element of being a PADI Divemaster. It’s a way of life unlike any other. It is unrivaled, and you are compensated for doing what you enjoy!

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Discover New and Wonderful Places All Around the World

The majority of dive master courses last 4-5 weeks, however there is often the option to stay on and work for the dive firm, honing your new abilities and increasing your confidence. Many dive shops also offer internships, which are longer programs that come with a discount in exchange for support when you finish your course. Now imagine having a divemaster inernship in Bali and exploring this beautiful island between your courses. Becoming a divemaster is one way to travel, explore, and get to know a place in deeper (literally) level. 

Being Able to Participate in Marine Conservation Programme

You can become involved in Marine Conservation Projects, which are a terrific opportunity to learn more about the difficulties that face marine ecosystems. As a PADI Divemaster, you have the option of getting up up and personal with marine species or conducting underwater research. In any case, this will undoubtedly be a life-changing experience.

Plans On Starting A Business And Quitting Your Job

Plans On Starting A Business And Quitting Your Job

When you are facing an opportunity to start a business while you are still tied to a corporation, it must be hard to make the right decision. There are many things to consider when you decide to start your own business after being part of a corporation for years. There are factors that make you doubt your decision such as you are already comfortable with your steady income. You also don’t know if you can handle all the challenges come from starting your own business. And that is why you need to take time and consider important factors. 

Planning on quitting your job and starting your own business

It is not a bad decision for you to be your own boss and build your own empire to reach success. However, it is important that you make thorough calculations about your plan to quit your current job and starting your own venture in business world. And here are things you need to consider about this:

Build business model that is sustainable

Build business model that is sustainable

This is pretty obvious when it comes to starting a business. You need to start with good intention and execute it nicely. However, it may take time to be that smooth. Keep in mind that running your own business fully need commitment. You need to be ready to face the risks and that’s why planning is essential. Make sure that your business idea is viable and worth pursuing. Go for formal planning process to set your steps into business world. 

Plan your business timeline realistically

There is nothing such as instant success in business regardless how much money you invest in it. All the business planning process requires time to truly work and even then, you have to follow your general timeline. And keep mind that your timeline should be realistic. Do not be overoptimistic or overconfidence with your expectations. Do not be afraid of losing momentum because you still have to take caution of every possibility. There is no really benefit of rushing things so give your business realistic timeline to transition gradually and smoothly. 

Get yourself the right support

Running business is not a standalone feat. You need the right support from the right people to help you build your success. When starting a new venture in business, you need to know what kind of people that will be supportive of your ideas. You also need to assess people from their skills and personalities so you can work side by side in the long run. Aside from professional support, you will also need emotional support from your loved ones such as friends and families. This will make you feel more comfortable and confident with your new journey. 

Those three steps on starting a new business after you decide to quit your job are essentials to help you do it more smoothly. Always be patient with the process and do not expect for instant result. Furthermore, it will help increase your chances of entrepreneurial success while making the journey a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

5 Steps to Be the Best Villas in Bali Based on 2021 Trend


To have the best villas in Bali is not only about painting your vacation house with pretty colours and fill it up with trendiest furniture (although that helps, too!). To maintain your success in vacation rental business in Bali and strive to be in the top of the market, you need to take leverage in recent consumer trends. Things have changed especially after the pandemic hit in 2020-2021, so keep an eye on what you need to improve in the next year. 

Be the Best Villas in Bali “for the ‘Gram”

5 Steps to Be the Best Villas in Bali Based on 2021 Trend
Image credit: Instagram/ @balilife @lukemcameron @maya_gypsea

The “instagrammability” of a vacation rental is one of the most significant characteristics for travelers when selecting where to go and stay for their vacation. That applies to resort, hotel, vacation rental and villa in Bali, too. Travellers are specifically seeking for a place that photograph well for their own sharing reasons. Places that we would refer to as “instagrammable.”

You should pay greater attention to your home’s decor as a vacation rental owner. Millennial visitors decide whether or not to book private villas in Bali depending on how Instagrammable the place seems. Millennials are searching for Instagram-worthy goods such as luxurious bed linens, jaw-dropping furnishings, vintage artifacts, swinging rockers, and infinity pools.

Al-fresco Lounge

Visitors to the sunny Bali appreciate the year-round mild temperature and the chance for outdoor living. Build an outstanding outdoor living space for your visitors and yourself. Consider this a spot to soak up the rays, entertain, or simply unwind with a nice book.

Poolside Patio

Poolside Patio
Image credit: Instagram/ @kclububud

Luxury rental houses and villa typically have a pool, which serves as the focal point of a “room” that might include a bar, sitting space, and even an outdoor kitchen. Also, given the tropical and humid weather, private pool is a must for any villa in Bali!

The Best Bali Villas Bathroom that Spoke Luxury

Your guests will be unable to resist displaying your property’s beautiful spa-like bathroom. Candles and ambient lighting will undoubtedly improve your guests’ pleasant holiday experience. Candles serve as both décor and aromatherapy, and are guaranteed to make your guests feel at ease. Plants and even a Himalayan salt lamp are appealing décor that fosters a soothing spa experience.

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Get Your Bali Vacation Rental to be More Sustainable

Get Your Bali Vacation Rental to be More Sustainable
Image credit: Instagram/ @wanderitphoto

Millenials and younger generations are now becoming more aware of sustainability issue. They are no longer dazzled with resorts and chain hotels from big names; instead, they opt more for smaller vacation rental that pay more attention to sustainable living. Today’s travelers want to reduce their carbon footprint and do any little thing they can to save the environment during their travel. They are worried about the environmental effect of their actions. 

Using eco-friendly materials such as wood, energy-saving lights, and solar-powered equipment increases the appeal of your vacation rental among millennials. Aside from that, it is critical that your rental units be clean and sanitized. It is a good idea to contact a pest control firm to guarantee that no bugs or rodents interrupt your guests’ calm holiday.

Provide Availability for Longer Stay

Longer stays are also becoming more popular among travelers. Part of this is due to an increase in remote job and education arrangements, and part is just a desire for a change of scenery when alone. Work-friendly short-term rentals and longer stays will be an even greater potential for vacation rental in Bali for the upcoming years, because to remote working and social distance. Millions of employees have shown interest in becoming digital nomads, and businesses such as Facebook and Twitter have made permanent remote employment possible.

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The Flexibility of Booking in Your Luxury Bali Villa

Travel restrictions and the potential of lockdowns have made it more necessary than ever for guests of vacation rental to arrange cancellation policies that are favourable to them. Guests are concerned about the prospect of being compelled to cancel excursions and being stuck with the cost. Properties with flexible cancellation policies outperform those that do not. This concern is also leading in short booking lead periods. Guests are booking their accommodations at the last minute, which is unusual post the 2020 pandemic hit. 

Building Agility For Your Business To Grow Better and Faster


In the past year, many business have worked faster and better from thriving to surviving and back again. No one know what the future holds but one thing certain is change. It is the one certain thing we should always be aware of. There will always be challenges in the future regardless of the circumstances. Every challenge may cause change. And what we have to be prepared for our business is agility. It is important element for any business to grow better and faster in any situation.

Creating business agility

Agility can be inherent through values and behaviors of an organization. The individuals involved in the organizations should be empowered by adaptability, creativity, and resilience. When they make those quality their behavior and habits, it will transfer into the business, making them more prepared and flexible when they face any complexity and uncertainty in the future. 

How to build agility

Building agility requires process so it doesn’t happen overnight. People may develop agility after experiencing the impact of global pandemic in the past year, making them more agile in navigating their business now. So how to help your team building their agility to help grow your business better and faster?

Allow freedom for your team to grow

The point of creating  a team is to create collaborative environment where every member communicate openly and work together to reach the goals. It also means that every individual should be given the same opportunity to speak and to be heard. That’s why it is also important to choose people who share similar value and a can-do approach. Give freedom within clear boundaries within safe environment. Encourage your team to pursue their own ideas and trust them to apply their own judgment. Give them your guidance when needed and authority to get things done, then see what it turns out to. 

Encourage failure within parameters

Always make room for failure because it is not the end of everything when your team fail at trying something as long as you give clear parameters. Allow your team to fail safely by letting them try their ideas, air them, and learn through doing. When you allow them as such, it means they are being heard. It will inspire positive workplace and performance. Your team will keep trying to get better and better until they exceed your expectation. 

Use collaborative approach

Always encourage open communication and delegate responsibility while offering guidance to your team. Also, nurture their mental-wellness and allow them to grow on their own. You need to use collaborative approach within solid structure so everything is done in collaborative work where every individual still know where they stand and know they limit on things they should work within. This encourage your team to work efficiently while receiving support. 

When your business has the agility at its core (the people), it will thrive in the future with healthy workforce. Hence, help your team grow better by giving them support, unleashing their potential, and harness it. 

Snorkeling Indonesia, An Alternative To See Under The Sea Without Diving


Did you know that Indonesia has the best snorkeling spots and beats many spots from other countries? Maybe not everyone dares to try diving for various reasons. Snorkeling is an alternative for those of you who want to enjoy the underwater scenery. There are many snorkeling Indonesia spots that can open your eyes to the spectacular underwater beauty. 

5 Spot Snorkeling Indonesia 

Cape Kri, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat never ends in offering underwater beauty. The underwater currents of Raja Ampat are known to be dangerous but don’t worry because you can still enjoy the underwater scenery by snorkeling. Cape Kri, one of the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia to find blacktip sharks, barracuda, and other rare species.

Tulamben, Bali

Bali is not only limited to Kuta beach or Ubud. Tulamben Sea is the right choice for snorkeling. A favorite spot in Tulamben is the wreck of the American warship USAT Liberty which was shot by the Japanese in World War II. The best time for snorkeling is recommended no later than 11 noon. You can bring snorkeling equipment or rent it. If you want to enjoy the silence of the village environment, you can go to homestays, bungalows, or hotels.

Pulau Weh, Aceh 

The city of Sabang is located at the westernmost tip of Indonesia and is famous for its beautiful underwater scenery. Snorkeling is the easiest way to peek at the underwater world and anyone can do it. Snorkeling spots are along the beach on Pulau Weh, but there are some dangerous spots. There are many kinds of marine life waiting for you on Pulau Weh. Don’t have snorkel gear? There are many snorkeling and diving equipment rentals on Pulau Weh.

Wakatobi, Sulawesi Tenggara

Wakatobi is included in the ranks of tourist destinations for lovers of diving and snorkeling. You will see the underwater scenery full of the beauty of the coral reefs typical of this archipelago. You need to know, Wakatobi itself has been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage. You can see a variety of coral reefs on the beaches of Sombu, Onemohute, or Hoga Island.

Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo, one of the dream tourist destinations for travelers. For diving lovers, there will certainly be many of the best dive spots with spectacular views. Then what about snorkeling lovers? Kanawa Island has a charming underwater life. Tosca-colored sea water and white sand are perfect for Instagrammable photo spots. The calm and clear sea conditions are very tempting to see the underwater ecosystem.

Positioning Yourself And Your Business For A Post-Pandemic Success


You were able to survive during the pandemic and your business has been one of the few that are still emerging with a bit bruise. Now, the future is a bit clear with how vaccination being broadened but the prospect of herd immunity is on the horizon. You and your business should be ready to face the risks. It is important to know what position you are going to take to seize the opportunity to success. 

Positioning Yourself And Your Business For A Post-Pandemic Success

Facing the challenges your business might encounter after the pandemic

Surviving is not the end of your business journey. You still need to do get moving if your goal is to achieve success. Positioning yourself and your business today can be much more challenging due to the situation with the pandemic but being prepared will make huge differences. So what you have to do to be able not only to survive but also thrive in the challenging future?

Take a look at the past year

Glancing back at the time when you and your business merely survived during the pandemic can be the key of how you can prepare the future. It is not easy to take a look at the past year especially when you have lost a lot. However, the way you survive can be the essential ingredient for success. See how you build perseverance and stubbornness last year. More than that, find something that are more valuable you can take as great weapons to face the future. There must be many things you can pick up on. 

Understand yourself better

Every individual has different set of skills and you should find what’s yours. You must have tools and skills that can help you a lot in achieving your goals. During this self-evaluation and recognition, be realistic and don’t try to lie to yourself because it won’t work no matter how. You have to evaluate yourself objectively and even though it seems hard, it is really not. What is hard is acceptance of what you do possess and what you don’t. Hence, look at what you need and what you have. By acknowledging your own strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to make realistic and objective plans. It is also essential so you know what separate you from competitors. 

Know what to prioritize

It is not only to become a stronger business person what you aim after surviving the pandemic but also to come out as a stronger human being. Hence, focus on what matters the most. Focusing on your business needs the right bedrock to start off. Keep your focus on maintaining your health and good relationships. Approach your business in that focus so you will be able to find the right work-life balance. When you achieve this, you will be a happier person. It will be impactful to how you run your business because when you are happier, you will be more productive. Then, you are ready to leave the past and focus on your future more. 

Bali Real Estate Beachfront, Between Feng Shui & Investment


Owning a Bali real estate beachfront is a smart and very profitable investment method. Based on research, staying on a beachfront tends to improve mental health. The sound of the waves can calm the brain. When the body is relaxed, it can make the mind calm, reduce stress and increase body immunity. In fact, the beach is synonymous with an area to spend time with loved ones. Clean and fresh air and high oxygen levels can help you sleep better. Before looking for Bali property for sale beachfront, there are view things you should pay attention to. 

Bali Real Estate Beachfront Location

First, determine your goal of buying beachfront Bali real estate. Is it for you to rent it back or will you occupy it? If you are going to rent a lease, determining the location is an important key. Looking for beachfront properties that are close to tourist points can attract tourists. This will ensure that the investment you invest in can increase the investment value.

View of the high seas

Beachfront villas in Bali are quite difficult to find. When you find Bali property for sale beachfront the price will definitely be very high. Beachfront villa enthusiasts also belong to the upper class. They are willing to spend a lot of money to enjoy the view of the high seas.

Determine the number of bedrooms

Vacationing to the beach is synonymous with holidays with family. Surely tourists are looking for bedrooms that can accommodate many family members. Currently, beachfront villas are also in great demand by young honeymooners, automatically they don’t need many bedrooms. As the owner of Bali beachfront real estate, you have to determine the market that you are going to reach. Is it a villa for a family or for those who only need 1-2 rooms?

Renovation Costs

Beachfront properties are particularly vulnerable to erosion and damage caused by wind and sea water. You have to make sure the foundation of the building is using a solid brick foundation structure. Beachfront Bali real estate is indeed attractive and a promising investment, but make sure you prepare for the renovation costs when suddenly needed. 

What is the connection between Feng Shui & Investment when buying a property?

Water has an important role in the study of feng shui. How about a house that is close to water such as the sea, lake or river? In fact, property in the coastal area is experiencing rapid development. Based on feng shui, this indicates strong chi (qi) and strongly supports prosperity. Conceptually, the wind carries the chi while the water stops the chi. It is in that water that the chi gathers and accumulates. When there is a gust of wind, the chi will move again, so that it is a source that causes the quality of environmental feng shui to be better, and the prosperity of the area can increase rapidly. Based on feng shui, owning a Bali Real Estate Beachfront leads you to prosperity. Now it depends on you, whether you believe in it or not in relation to Feng Shui, real estate, investment, and prosperity.