Creating A Business That Stand Out From The Competition

Creating A Business That Stand Out From The Competition

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is essential when it comes to running a business to give your brand an upper hand. By being standout, your brand gains more opportunity to piques interests of customers and make them happy. However, not every business owner know how to differentiate their brand from their competitions. Also, some of them choose to do it in more controversial approaches.

How to distinguish your business

It is not easy to stand out from the competition when your business is not the only one in the field. So many businesses similar to your are also running towards their objectives. Hence, it is such a challenging thing to do to distinguish your brand. Here are some of strategies you can consider to try:

Differentiate your product

Product differentiate is important to make sure that the items or services you offers have unique points. It can be about the technology or design you own, specific support you give, customer service experience, etc. With all those unique features, your customers have desire to work with you. Keep in mind that consumers have so many options of products they can choose. Hence, it is your call to make your products more unique and make them unable to find any from other brands.

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Deliver excellent customer service

Customer service experience is one of the most important keys for successful business. It is because most of consumers won’t hesitate to switch brands if they are unsatisfied with the company’s customer service.  Gradually, strong customer service will contribute to your business’s success. Treat each of your customers uniquely, and make them feel appreciated by doing a business with you. You customer service should grow to help place your brand stand out from the competitions.

Be more specific with your target niche

Instead of trying to reach as many people as possible, why not reaching out specific targets who have high potential to become your loyal customers. It is impossible to meet every single person’s demands. Therefore, it is best to approach specific niche to specific group of people that share similar interests, needs, and reasons. Avoid being too general and focus more on your target instead. 

Personalize your service

Always add personal touch to what you offer to create emotional connection through your brand. Make your existing customers happy because they are just as important as prospective buyers. When they have great experience doing business with you, they won’t hesitate to stay loyal. Get to know more your existing customers so you understand their needs and wants. Hence, you know what to offer to help them solve their problems. 

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Be more conscious and responsible to the social issues

Surveys showed that the majority of consumers are willing to pay more for brands who are socially responsible. It can take many forms to be considered socially responsible such as donation, charity, community program, fair benefits and wages for your employees, etc. This way, you show how care you are about the people around you instead of just hunting for profit.

How to Market Your Villa in Jimbaran Bali for Valentine

How to Market Your Canggu Bali Villas for Valentine

The Valentine’s Day is the holiday for couples and, like any other holiday, it’s the time when you can hit a full-book with the right marketing effort. Couples from all over Bali—and the nearby islands is ready for a romantic getaway. So, make sure you grab the opportunities and take advantage of it—even in the weeks following the Valentine. Especially if you have a villa in Jimbaran Bali, one of the most romantic area and popular honeymoon destination in Bali. Here are some ideas how vacation rental owners can make the most of Valentine’s day.

Create A Special Valentine Package in Your Jimbaran Bali Villa!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, guests want a unique approach to commemorate the occasion with their special someone. Offering packages designed specifically for the occasion adds a touch of elegance to the holiday. While classics like Champagne and chocolate will never go out of style, you don’t have to stick to the tried and reliable. Why not put together everything you’ll need for a romantic picnic for two? Or collaborate with a local business (think carriage rides, wine tastings, etc.) to plan a memorable date night? Standing out from the crowd will increase your reservations and foster guest loyalty.

Showcase Your Jimbaran Villa in Social Media

Showcase Your Jimbaran Villa in Social Media

Share romantic photographs of your property’s location on social media to pique people’s attention. Show the romantic side of your villa. For example, boast the landscape from your Jimbaran sea view villa, stage the bath tub with flower petals and candles, hang fairy light in the garden, ir highlight romantic locations to visit and things to do around Jimbaran for Valentine on social media, with a link back to your vacation rental website. Maximise the exposure with the right hashtags like #valentinegetaway, #valentinevacation, #valentinedeals, or more!

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Create Partnership with Local Business

Working with local businesses in your rental’s neighbourhood should be second nature, but if it isn’t, Valentine’s Day weekend is the ideal time to get started! Businesses, like every other holiday, adopt novel techniques to entice potential clients. It might be anything from a restaurant giving away free dessert to a winery giving away a complimentary glass of wine with the purchase of a bottle of its seasonal pinot noir.

Bali is also home of some of Indonesia’s best local winery like Hatten, Plaga, Sababay, and premium chocolate factory like Pod Chocolate and Krakakoa. Wine and chocolate are a very Valentine materials, so see if you can secure a partnership with these local brands. Find out what they are so you can notify your guests about these exclusive offers if they book your villa Jimbaran Bali around the Valentine!

Create the Upsell Strategy for Services

Create the Upsell Strategy for Services in the Villa Jimbaran

Valentine’s Day presents an excellent opportunity for upselling. Guests want to make the event memorable, and they’re ready to spend a little extra to do so. Offer extras like a couples massage, a room upgrade, or a lovely bottle of wine once reservations are made. These upsells will improve their customer’s overall experience.

Offer Additional Service for Couples in Love

Why not provide extra services like champagne or flowers to your guests as hotels do? By including these extra services in your reservation system, you will get a competitive advantage while also allowing guests to plan a surprise ahead of time.

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Spread the Newsletter

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with clients and increase reservations. If you have any special offers for the Valentine’s weekend, send out an email to prior or potential guests. Delivering exceptional offers to an inbox can not only improve website traffic, but it will also allow you to reconnect with past visitors. Get started on your email marketing as soon as possible to give your guests plenty of time to plan ahead! Use email marketing platform to help you develop a campaign and track its outcomes.

What To Consider Before Starting Your Own Restaurant

What To Consider Before Starting Your Own Restaurant

Running a restaurant of your own can be promising and rewarding. Not to mention that restaurant industry is huge with plenty of potential profit to earn. One of the main reasons why running a business within food industry is promising is due to never-ending demands of food. Everyone needs food to live and that is why restaurants keep growing here and there. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to start your own restaurant. You need sufficient knowledge to know where to start and how to manage it to last for long time. And here are some of the most important things to consider before starting your own restaurant:

The name of the restaurant

A name for a restaurant is like a brand, image, and identity. Many people take their time in searching for the best name for their brand. A name has the power to grab the attention of people so it is not something to underestimate for. Try a name consisted of one or two words that reflect the concept or your restaurant and can have a lasting impression on people who hear it. Find a name that is as interesting as possible. 

The fund

Starting a restaurant can cost a fortune because you need to spend your money on renting a location, hiring staffs, buying kitchen equipment, and many other important resources. They are costly and if you don’t have any financial plan, your restaurant is meant to doom. Make sure to have a solid financial plan to help you fund the overall operations. 

The staffs to hire

You cannot rely on yourself to run a restaurant. You will need to hire important people such as servers, hosts, chefs, dishwashers, etc. They important roles you need to fulfill to run a restaurant properly. The process of hiring can be stressful but you can avoid it by making a well-thorough plan. Hence, you get the right people to work with you. 

The location

Regardless of what your business is, choosing the right location is key to success. Imagine choosing a location for your restaurant in such a remote place where nobody passing by. It will be a disaster. Hence, choose a location carefully where visibility is the main thing you consider. Also, choose a space with parking lot so your customers have place to park their vehicles. 

The menu

When it comes to restaurant, the menu being offered is often the key that make customers keep coming back. In fact, lots of restaurants owners take their time in deciding the menu that will attract customers. Before deciding the menu, study the food trends more, and find the ones that are lined up with your concept. Choose also some menus that are teh trademark of your restaurants. It is even better if you offer wide-selection of dish. For example, you have menu for vegetarians, vegans, kids, etc. This way, your restaurant can be a nice-go-to place for families to spend their time at. Also, don’t forget about the pricing of each menu. 

Making Attention-Grabbing Pitch That Appeal Your Investors

Running a business can cost a lot regardless how small it is. There are many ways you can get fund for your business to operate smoothly. One of them is finding the right investors to raise your capital. However, securing fund that way is not so easy either. One of the most challenging things is to create a perfect pitch that grab investor’s attention. Another problem is that, investors come with different personalities, work ethic, goals, etc. Hence, you need to do it right to secure funding successfully. 

Making Attention-Grabbing Pitch That Appeal Your Investors

Tips to make a pitch that is appealing to your investors

To close the deal, you need to create a pitch that is well-crafted, relevant, and compelling. The pitching process is not instant. You need to make a plan on how to create the pitch, how to approach investors, and how to appeal them with your pitch. And here are some tips to do it successfully:

Personalize your pitch

As mentioned earlier that every investor may come from different background. And that is your task to find out who you are reaching out to. This way, you will be able to make your pitch more personalized. Do your research before creating a pitch. You can find more information through their social media handles. Find something they like that can be a good link to tie into your product or service. Or, you can try to find another way to build connection.

Know your audience

Similar to the first point, you need to know who your audience is to decide what to present. This way, you know what to highlight from your pitch. Different investors may have different priorities. Some of them might be more interested in listening to your passion and vision. Meanwhile, some others might be more interested to talk about data and numbers. Get a better of your investors before meeting them in a pitching endeavor. 

Know how to answer

It is not easy to answer questions from investors. To think about it might get you sweat like crazy. However, it is a must that you are prepared with possible questions asked by investors. Prepare answers that you think will get their attention and interest. To give perfect answer, you need to understand their perspectives. Know who you are talking to, their mission, and objectives. This way, you know what kind of answers that will be more impactful during your pitch.

Optimize your pitch with customers stories and testimonials

This is one of the most powerful thing to optimize your pitch. Using testimonials or stories from your customers can highlight your product and service to another level. Present stories or testimonials of your customers using your products and services and how they have been impacted. Real life cases like these chow investors that your product or service is good in real life. If you didn’t hear back from your investors, do not be afraid or shy to reach out to them. However, make sure to not overdo it. Three times with various ways of contacting is the limit. 

The Benefits Of Developing Public Speaking For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

When it comes to starting your own business, you will face many challenges in every steps of your way. However, that should not discourage you to keep moving forward and reach your goals. To face all the challenges, you need to know what skills to develop. With the right skills, you know what solution is the best for the problem, how you respond to difficult situation, etc. In your entrepreneurial journey, you also have to interact and connect with other people. And the skill you need to embrace is public speaking. 

The Benefits Of Developing Public Speaking For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Public speaking and your potential to be successful with your entrepreneurial journey

Even when you are just starting out your business, there is nothing wrong with developing various skills including public speaking because it will benefit you. There are many opportunities you can get from embracing public speaking, such as:

Build your competence

Through excellent public speaking, you know what and how to demonstrate your competence. You also know how to deliver the level of your confidence. It is important because then you will be able to be seen by others especially the ones that matter to you in your industry. Your visibility is increased because you know the right way to gain added credibility. With good public speaking, you can also show your leadership quality. It also make you beyond expectations. 

Affect your reputation

We all know that reputation is important when it comes to business world. People will trust you through you good track record and reputation. And people can see that from how you deliver your public speaking skill as well. When you are articulate in delivering your opinions, thoughts, perspectives, and so on, you will be seen as someone with credence. People see you for your expertise because you are able to deliver what you want to convey perfectly. 

Extend networks

In business world, networking does matter because you cannot just rely on your own hard work. You also need to work smart by connecting with other people who can contribute to your success. Networking requires communication and interaction through socializing with others such as professionals, experts, customers, etc. With good public speaking, it will be easier for you to make relation with others, extending your network that will benefit you in the long run. 

How to start embracing public speaking

To develop your public speaking, you need to practice and practice. You won’t be instantly good in ust a day or two. The more you practice your public speaking, especially in professional settings, the better you will become. You don’t have to wait until you gain more confidence to start honing in on your public speaking skill. In fact, the more you practice it, the more confident you are going to be. 

You can start slow and small by taking speaking opportunities at all levels. For example, trying to be more active during meeting with the panel or during small group meetings. In time, your public speaking skill will be developed and give your more opportunity to reach your goals. 

Plans On Starting A Business And Quitting Your Job

Plans On Starting A Business And Quitting Your Job

When you are facing an opportunity to start a business while you are still tied to a corporation, it must be hard to make the right decision. There are many things to consider when you decide to start your own business after being part of a corporation for years. There are factors that make you doubt your decision such as you are already comfortable with your steady income. You also don’t know if you can handle all the challenges come from starting your own business. And that is why you need to take time and consider important factors. 

Planning on quitting your job and starting your own business

It is not a bad decision for you to be your own boss and build your own empire to reach success. However, it is important that you make thorough calculations about your plan to quit your current job and starting your own venture in business world. And here are things you need to consider about this:

Build business model that is sustainable

Build business model that is sustainable

This is pretty obvious when it comes to starting a business. You need to start with good intention and execute it nicely. However, it may take time to be that smooth. Keep in mind that running your own business fully need commitment. You need to be ready to face the risks and that’s why planning is essential. Make sure that your business idea is viable and worth pursuing. Go for formal planning process to set your steps into business world. 

Plan your business timeline realistically

There is nothing such as instant success in business regardless how much money you invest in it. All the business planning process requires time to truly work and even then, you have to follow your general timeline. And keep mind that your timeline should be realistic. Do not be overoptimistic or overconfidence with your expectations. Do not be afraid of losing momentum because you still have to take caution of every possibility. There is no really benefit of rushing things so give your business realistic timeline to transition gradually and smoothly. 

Get yourself the right support

Running business is not a standalone feat. You need the right support from the right people to help you build your success. When starting a new venture in business, you need to know what kind of people that will be supportive of your ideas. You also need to assess people from their skills and personalities so you can work side by side in the long run. Aside from professional support, you will also need emotional support from your loved ones such as friends and families. This will make you feel more comfortable and confident with your new journey. 

Those three steps on starting a new business after you decide to quit your job are essentials to help you do it more smoothly. Always be patient with the process and do not expect for instant result. Furthermore, it will help increase your chances of entrepreneurial success while making the journey a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

5 Steps to Be the Best Villas in Bali Based on 2021 Trend

To have the best villas in Bali is not only about painting your vacation house with pretty colours and fill it up with trendiest furniture (although that helps, too!). To maintain your success in vacation rental business in Bali and strive to be in the top of the market, you need to take leverage in recent consumer trends. Things have changed especially after the pandemic hit in 2020-2021, so keep an eye on what you need to improve in the next year. 

Be the Best Villas in Bali “for the ‘Gram”

5 Steps to Be the Best Villas in Bali Based on 2021 Trend
Image credit: Instagram/ @balilife @lukemcameron @maya_gypsea

The “instagrammability” of a vacation rental is one of the most significant characteristics for travelers when selecting where to go and stay for their vacation. That applies to resort, hotel, vacation rental and villa in Bali, too. Travellers are specifically seeking for a place that photograph well for their own sharing reasons. Places that we would refer to as “instagrammable.”

You should pay greater attention to your home’s decor as a vacation rental owner. Millennial visitors decide whether or not to book private villas in Bali depending on how Instagrammable the place seems. Millennials are searching for Instagram-worthy goods such as luxurious bed linens, jaw-dropping furnishings, vintage artifacts, swinging rockers, and infinity pools.

Al-fresco Lounge

Visitors to the sunny Bali appreciate the year-round mild temperature and the chance for outdoor living. Build an outstanding outdoor living space for your visitors and yourself. Consider this a spot to soak up the rays, entertain, or simply unwind with a nice book.

Poolside Patio

Poolside Patio
Image credit: Instagram/ @kclububud

Luxury rental houses and villa typically have a pool, which serves as the focal point of a “room” that might include a bar, sitting space, and even an outdoor kitchen. Also, given the tropical and humid weather, private pool is a must for any villa in Bali!

The Best Bali Villas Bathroom that Spoke Luxury

Your guests will be unable to resist displaying your property’s beautiful spa-like bathroom. Candles and ambient lighting will undoubtedly improve your guests’ pleasant holiday experience. Candles serve as both décor and aromatherapy, and are guaranteed to make your guests feel at ease. Plants and even a Himalayan salt lamp are appealing décor that fosters a soothing spa experience.

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Get Your Bali Vacation Rental to be More Sustainable

Get Your Bali Vacation Rental to be More Sustainable
Image credit: Instagram/ @wanderitphoto

Millenials and younger generations are now becoming more aware of sustainability issue. They are no longer dazzled with resorts and chain hotels from big names; instead, they opt more for smaller vacation rental that pay more attention to sustainable living. Today’s travelers want to reduce their carbon footprint and do any little thing they can to save the environment during their travel. They are worried about the environmental effect of their actions. 

Using eco-friendly materials such as wood, energy-saving lights, and solar-powered equipment increases the appeal of your vacation rental among millennials. Aside from that, it is critical that your rental units be clean and sanitized. It is a good idea to contact a pest control firm to guarantee that no bugs or rodents interrupt your guests’ calm holiday.

Provide Availability for Longer Stay

Longer stays are also becoming more popular among travelers. Part of this is due to an increase in remote job and education arrangements, and part is just a desire for a change of scenery when alone. Work-friendly short-term rentals and longer stays will be an even greater potential for vacation rental in Bali for the upcoming years, because to remote working and social distance. Millions of employees have shown interest in becoming digital nomads, and businesses such as Facebook and Twitter have made permanent remote employment possible.

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The Flexibility of Booking in Your Luxury Bali Villa

Travel restrictions and the potential of lockdowns have made it more necessary than ever for guests of vacation rental to arrange cancellation policies that are favourable to them. Guests are concerned about the prospect of being compelled to cancel excursions and being stuck with the cost. Properties with flexible cancellation policies outperform those that do not. This concern is also leading in short booking lead periods. Guests are booking their accommodations at the last minute, which is unusual post the 2020 pandemic hit. 

Remove Your Flaws By Forming Positive Habits to Become Successful

It is not a secret that humans have flaws in many aspect. There is no such thing as perfect person. It is easy for us to get distracted and less productive because of minor things even. There are many distractions in life that can make you less focus. You could also be more productive if you can remove all the distractions. However, it is surely easier said than done. Even minor distractions such as open chat room, social media, or etc can make you less productive which makes it harder to reach success you aimed for. 

Remove Your Flaws By Forming Positive Habits to Become Successful

Forming positive habits and own more control to be successful

Lots of successful entrepreneurs might have had their own struggles developing habits that lead them to their successful career and life. It is easy for you to lose focus when your tabs are full of things such as stock page, news, programs, etc. Your attentions are everywhere so your focus has no direction whatsoever. Those outside forces end up controlling you not the other way around. So how to develop positive habits and remove your flaws so you have better control to be successful?

Use strategic ways in doing your daily tasks

Your daily work force may lead you to stress if you are not strategic. Thus, put your focus on your priority and role. For example, you can focus more on operational detail since this is one of the most crucial part of business. You may get left behind if you let yourself distracted when handling operational details. Keep in mind that you have to apply effective strategies in handling this matter. To achieve that, you should be more and more productive. 

Plan your time management

Remove Your Flaws By Forming Positive Habits to Become Successful

Even if you have so many tasks in a day, you can complete everything successfully if you have them planned. Your time management is the key for your productivity. Not to mention that it helps build your self-discipline. By following the time management you set yourself, you build the routine and start to understand the priority of the day. This will benefit you in the long run. To make the most of your time, you can also delegate administrative details down to others. 

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Find time to think deep, reevaluate, and research

Your business needs to grow positively. However, it cannot do when you are stuck with many things on daily basis. Instead of looking for the right time, it is better to find the time yourself. Thus, you have time to truly collect your thoughts. Sometimes, it is needed so that you can find great ideas. Keep in mind that more often than not, ideas and innovation come out when you are in the most relaxed state not when you are so stressful. 

To remove your flaws, make sure to be self-aware

It also means you need to pay attention on your well-being. Maintaining your health is part of developing positive habits to be successful. Make sure to make everything balance in your life so both professional and personal goals can be achieved successfully.

Creating Effective Meetings To Boost Your Business

Growing your business, you are required to conduct regular meetings with your team to monitor how your business is going. Meetings are also required to address some issues going on in your business. However, lots of people now view meetings as ineffective activity for a business since everything can be delivered via online. Meetings are often viewed as time-wasting. There are business goers who avoid meetings and choose to do others works that need to be done. 

Effective meetings to grow business

Meetings are inefficient or ineffective because of many factors such as wrong timing, wrong attendees, etc. Meetings are not pointless. In fact, they are important thing to do to solve problems, highlight new approaches, delegate tasks, and many more. So how to make meetings more effective and bring benefit for your business growth?

Plan significant preparations required to have effective meetings. Too many meetings can lead to time wasting, therefore, you have to focus on making the meetings as efficient as possible. Preparing things required for meetings can save time. You can also prepare and distribute preset agenda beforehand so everyone involved will be more ready. Also, you have to prepare for the follow-up actions. 

Make sure that meetings have clear goals to achieve. Goalless meetings are only wasting your time and energy. You should know the goal and the topics to discuss for the meeting. A meeting needs a plan. You should also include necessary documents as well as information to be distributed ahead of time. This way, all the attendees are also informed clearly and properly before the meeting. 

Every meeting should have a person who is assigned to keep things on track. Therefore, you will know where to go to follow-up after the meeting. This can also help you to be more organized with the meeting goals. You can also assign someone as facilitator or leader for the meeting. It does not always have to be you who lead the meeting. You can assign someone you trust or is considered capable to frame the purpose of the meeting, ensure the time track of the meeting, etc.

Meetings can be done in so many ways especially with how advanced technology has been today. You can have a conference calls to conduct a meeting pr open group chat if the topic is less urgent. However, it is always best to have a face-to-face meeting. This can avoid you or others to be distracted such as from text, email, etc. Face-to-face meeting allows you and others to be more focused of the topic of discussion. Therefore, your meeting can be considered successful.

Set the limit of the meeting so it won’t stretch out unnecessarily. Time limit is important especially when you have multiples meetings to attend to in a day. Limiting time can also avoid unnecessary discussion that is out of the topic during the meeting. A single meeting can be scheduled for 15 to 30 minutes. This considered efficient to address issue and get it solved without wasting more time.

All about a property management for your Villa Ubud Bali

As the owner of a Villa Ubud Bali and wanted to generate income from it, there is a property management code of conduct that you should pay attention to. Since it is the key to the successful property business consists of many smaller details, this so-called property management will help you to handle the business operations in a better way. In fact, it can be applied not only to a commercial real estate but also for a residential property. And no matter the size of the property, you can always benefit from it because each type of property, in this case, a villa, has its own market. You only need to target the right one.

Villa Ubud Bali with a private pool and rice field view

What is property management for Villa Ubud Bali?

Property management is the whole process of the operation which controls property or a real estate asset. While the asset could be a house, a unit of apartment or condominium, a villa, a resort, a hotel, an office, or even a shopping mall, the operation and control should include all the things that relate to the building itself and the clients who make use of the building. Today, there are so many companies that offer a service of property management for owners of Villa Ubud Bali so that they can relax and let the earnings come in auto-mode.

How does property management work?

In order to generate income or to keep the investment value of a property, there is an important necessity to pay attention to the maintenance and the safety aspect of the villa. Disturbing things like the leaking roof, broken air conditioner, or thugs around the neighborhood can be something that stops people from renting or buying your Villa Ubud Bali when you really need them the most. However, a good property management company offers all the coverage for these kinds of things, as well as running the marketing and accounting of the property in a proper and professional way.

How to choose the right property management company?

Basically, before starting to look for the right property management company for your Villa Ubud Bali, you need to first know which kind of benefit or service you want to get from that company. And then, you can do a little research from your home. Start by asking your colleagues or families for a recommendation. This could always be the best way of finding high quality of any things in Bali. As an alternative way, you can check those companies that have a website on the internet. The next thing to do is meet the representative of the company in person so that you can judge whether it is really the right company to choose.