Increase Subscribers Of Your Business’s Blog To Generate Leads

It will be beneficial for your business to have a blog or newsletter to increase engagement with your target audience and existing customers. By having a blog, you allow people to enjoy a content that is to their interests. It’s great to have casual readers or occasional visitors to your blog. However, you want visitors who keep visiting your blog regularly and interact with your company’s online presence actively. And that’s when you need subscribers to your blog. 


Make people become your subscribers

Your website or blog can be a great place for you to build a community that is around your niche and brand more specifically. By having visitors subscribe to your blog, they give you their email address. Then, they move into your sale process, become leads to convert to customers and you close the sale. These processes end with how you fulfill their expectation. It’s even better if you can exceed it. Here are some tips to gain more subscribers to your blog and improve your business:

Provide meaningful content

Even though your blog is meant to attract people to buy your products or services, make sure that your contents are not always about selling or offering. You need to create contents that are meaningful, valuable, informative, and inspiring for readers. If they find your blog resourceful and informative, it’s highly likely for them to subscribe willingly because they feel the need to return. 

Make an accessible subscribe button

Make sure that your subscribe button on the blog is visible and accessible. Don’t put it in hideous corner or else it will be hard for readers and potential customers to find it and click it. Thus, put it in an obvious spot on your blog, and make it as interesting as possible to look at. It’s recommended to put subscribe button at the top-right portion of your blog. Or, you may also have a pop-up (requesting them to subscribe) appear as readers leaving your page. 

Offer a gift

People are more likely to subscribe a channel or blog if they get an incentive in return. Hence, offering a gift for readers to subscribe can be a good idea to try. You don’t have to give spectacular gift to encourage them to subscribe. You may offer a special discount for certain products, a voucher, etc. 

Create content that is easy to read and understand

Life is already hard enough so you don’t need to make people think too hard when reading your content. Create contents that are easy to read and enjoyable while still giving valuable information. Be mindful with the choice of fonts, colors, and line arrangement. Simplifying your article is a good idea to make your content easy to skim. 

Present social proof

Give social proof that show prospective subscribers how many people have already subscribed. Show prospective subscribers how your subscribers find your blog to be valuable, resourceful, and informative. It can make them more comfortable to join the crowd and expect for treasures, helpful contents. 

How To Avoid Product Launch Failure

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is when you have to launch a new product. It takes time to work on new, groundbreaking product. It may take months before you get to finally launch it. And there’s still a chance for it to be a failure. In fact, it’s more likely that your product launch will be failed than success. Around 300,000 new products are being launched each year and over 90 percent of them fail. Introducing new product is not that simple because it takes time and money. 

Mistakes to avoid for successful product launch

For big companies, product launch failure might not be a big deal. However, small businesses can’t afford it. It’s possible for you to have a successful product lunch and avoid becoming one of those 90 percent of product launch failure.  Here are most common mistakes to avoid for successful new product launch:

Skip the process of validating product idea

Before you actually experience failure with your product launch, there are warning signs you can actually notice. If you haven’t validated your product idea, it’s the first sign of failure. You need to evaluate whether the product fill a need in the market. Hence, validate your idea through Google Trends, competitors reviews, consumer feedback, etc. 

Forget production and fulfillment logistics

Another sign of product launch failure is you haven’t through about production and fulfillment. Even if you have already had an excellent prototype, your new product will be a failure if you haven’t figured out about the production and fulfillment logistics. What will happen if your product launch successful? Will you be able to fulfill orders? What if you get overwhelmed and disappoint customers because of poor production and fulfillment plan?

Don’t have marketing plan

If you plan on launching new product without knowing how to market it then it is bound to failure. When you create new product to launch, make sure that you also make plan on how to generate demand. Hence, you know how to allocate sufficient costs to promote it. 

Don’t believe in your own product and its value

If you don’t believe your product launch will be successful then you are more likely to fail. You have to believe in your product and its value. You also have to get others on board. Make sure that everyone included customers, employees, company, and yourself also concentrate on the benefits of the products. The process is challenging since you may also encounter skeptical customers. Hence, keep your energy positive and stay passionate. 

Successful product launch

To ensure that your new product launch will be successful, you need to define your target market so you know who will buy your new products. It’s also important to create compelling value proposition. The first one you have to ask is yourself, on why customers would buy your new product. Also, make sure to price your product correctly and make thorough consideration. It’s also vital to measure your own success so you know the progress or how to improve. 

The Essentials of Real Estate Buying in Bali Seminyak

On one of the most idyllic islands in the world, there is never-ending warm weather, an abundance of places to eat and drink, and perhaps nothing beats ending the day with a stroll along the beach as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean in a kaleidoscopic fresco of colors. Moreover, never again have to make a bed or wash a dish. Also, the infinity pool and private spa inside the villa. If you have the capital, you can buy real estate in popular areas of Bali like the Seminyak, and build your dream villa. 

Before that, however, you have to understand the complexities of buying real estate in Bali Seminyak as a foreigner. You have to understand everything beyond looking for a house and sealing the deal. In some cases, tourists have paid tens of thousands of dollars in advance only to find out they were duped and the villa was already occupied on the day they tried to move in.

real estate seminyak bali

So here are some most important things you need to know if you plan to buy real estate in Bali. 

Be Aware of the New Law that Allows Foreigner Property Ownership in Indonesia

At least when it comes to purchasing residential property, it’s simpler than ever to be a foreigner in Indonesia.

International home buyers had been prevented from purchasing properties throughout the archipelago for years by onerous regulations. All of that changed in 2015 when President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who was reelected this year for a second five-year term, started putting forth measures that reduced the requirements for obtaining permits for foreign enterprises and houses. A handbook for foreigners looking to purchase real estate in Indonesia was produced in November 2018 by the Indonesia Real Estate Association (REI) in coordination with the government.

The Right of Foreigners

The Government Regulation No. 103 of 2015 on Residential Ownership for Foreigners was signed by the Jokowi administration a few years ago, effectively permitting foreigners with Indonesian domiciles to purchase landed homes for up to 80 years. According to the legislation, foreigners are eligible to possess landed homes under the Right to Use (hak pakai) title, which is originally given for 30 years and then extendable for another 20. After the extended period has passed, hak pakai may be prolonged for an additional 30 years.

There is one restriction: foreigners are only permitted to purchase one land parcel that is no more than 2,000 square meters.

Learn the Local Pricing

The area’s most recent pricing patterns should be studied first. For instance, a prospective investor should check to see if home prices are rising more quickly in one area than in others. Next, see if the cost of a home is higher than in other nearby towns. This will provide an idea of where the biggest demand is. Studying these trends will also help you develop an understanding of what prices are “fair” for various properties and what prices are excessive over time. This information can be extremely helpful for people who want to purchase homes for the least amount of money.

Cannot Buy Real Estate in Bali Seminyak Due to the High Price? Take A Look to the Outskirt

Indeed, location is everything when you buy property, and Seminyak is one of the best locations for real estate in Bali. However, due to its popularity, the price of a property in this area has increased dramatically from just 5 years ago.  

You might inquire about the nearby areas in Bali, like Pererenan, Tabanan, or Karangasem, and see if there is a railroad or bus company that will be increasing service in the region. Learn more about what is anticipated in the outskirt area. This data is also available from the town hall or planning division in your area.

Take A Look at Apartments for Unlimited Purchases

The number of residential units that foreigners in Indonesia may purchase is still unregulated by the government. As long as they are constructed on land with a Right to Use title or those with the Right to Use converted from strata title, foreigners are permitted to purchase numerous units.

Building Agility For Your Business To Grow Better and Faster

In the past year, many business have worked faster and better from thriving to surviving and back again. No one know what the future holds but one thing certain is change. It is the one certain thing we should always be aware of. There will always be challenges in the future regardless of the circumstances. Every challenge may cause change. And what we have to be prepared for our business is agility. It is important element for any business to grow better and faster in any situation.

Creating business agility

Agility can be inherent through values and behaviors of an organization. The individuals involved in the organizations should be empowered by adaptability, creativity, and resilience. When they make those quality their behavior and habits, it will transfer into the business, making them more prepared and flexible when they face any complexity and uncertainty in the future. 

How to build agility

Building agility requires process so it doesn’t happen overnight. People may develop agility after experiencing the impact of global pandemic in the past year, making them more agile in navigating their business now. So how to help your team building their agility to help grow your business better and faster?

Allow freedom for your team to grow

The point of creating  a team is to create collaborative environment where every member communicate openly and work together to reach the goals. It also means that every individual should be given the same opportunity to speak and to be heard. That’s why it is also important to choose people who share similar value and a can-do approach. Give freedom within clear boundaries within safe environment. Encourage your team to pursue their own ideas and trust them to apply their own judgment. Give them your guidance when needed and authority to get things done, then see what it turns out to. 

Encourage failure within parameters

Always make room for failure because it is not the end of everything when your team fail at trying something as long as you give clear parameters. Allow your team to fail safely by letting them try their ideas, air them, and learn through doing. When you allow them as such, it means they are being heard. It will inspire positive workplace and performance. Your team will keep trying to get better and better until they exceed your expectation. 

Use collaborative approach

Always encourage open communication and delegate responsibility while offering guidance to your team. Also, nurture their mental-wellness and allow them to grow on their own. You need to use collaborative approach within solid structure so everything is done in collaborative work where every individual still know where they stand and know they limit on things they should work within. This encourage your team to work efficiently while receiving support. 

When your business has the agility at its core (the people), it will thrive in the future with healthy workforce. Hence, help your team grow better by giving them support, unleashing their potential, and harness it. 

Snorkeling Indonesia, An Alternative To See Under The Sea Without Diving

Did you know that Indonesia has the best snorkeling spots and beats many spots from other countries? Maybe not everyone dares to try diving for various reasons. Snorkeling is an alternative for those of you who want to enjoy the underwater scenery. There are many snorkeling Indonesia spots that can open your eyes to the spectacular underwater beauty. 

5 Spot Snorkeling Indonesia 

Cape Kri, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat never ends in offering underwater beauty. The underwater currents of Raja Ampat are known to be dangerous but don’t worry because you can still enjoy the underwater scenery by snorkeling. Cape Kri, one of the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia to find blacktip sharks, barracuda, and other rare species.

Tulamben, Bali

Bali is not only limited to Kuta beach or Ubud. Tulamben Sea is the right choice for snorkeling. A favorite spot in Tulamben is the wreck of the American warship USAT Liberty which was shot by the Japanese in World War II. The best time for snorkeling is recommended no later than 11 noon. You can bring snorkeling equipment or rent it. If you want to enjoy the silence of the village environment, you can go to homestays, bungalows, or hotels.

Pulau Weh, Aceh 

The city of Sabang is located at the westernmost tip of Indonesia and is famous for its beautiful underwater scenery. Snorkeling is the easiest way to peek at the underwater world and anyone can do it. Snorkeling spots are along the beach on Pulau Weh, but there are some dangerous spots. There are many kinds of marine life waiting for you on Pulau Weh. Don’t have snorkel gear? There are many snorkeling and diving equipment rentals on Pulau Weh.

Wakatobi, Sulawesi Tenggara

Wakatobi is included in the ranks of tourist destinations for lovers of diving and snorkeling. You will see the underwater scenery full of the beauty of the coral reefs typical of this archipelago. You need to know, Wakatobi itself has been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage. You can see a variety of coral reefs on the beaches of Sombu, Onemohute, or Hoga Island.

Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo, one of the dream tourist destinations for travelers. For diving lovers, there will certainly be many of the best dive spots with spectacular views. Then what about snorkeling lovers? Kanawa Island has a charming underwater life. Tosca-colored sea water and white sand are perfect for Instagrammable photo spots. The calm and clear sea conditions are very tempting to see the underwater ecosystem.

Positioning Yourself And Your Business For A Post-Pandemic Success

You were able to survive during the pandemic and your business has been one of the few that are still emerging with a bit bruise. Now, the future is a bit clear with how vaccination being broadened but the prospect of herd immunity is on the horizon. You and your business should be ready to face the risks. It is important to know what position you are going to take to seize the opportunity to success. 

Positioning Yourself And Your Business For A Post-Pandemic Success

Facing the challenges your business might encounter after the pandemic

Surviving is not the end of your business journey. You still need to do get moving if your goal is to achieve success. Positioning yourself and your business today can be much more challenging due to the situation with the pandemic but being prepared will make huge differences. So what you have to do to be able not only to survive but also thrive in the challenging future?

Take a look at the past year

Glancing back at the time when you and your business merely survived during the pandemic can be the key of how you can prepare the future. It is not easy to take a look at the past year especially when you have lost a lot. However, the way you survive can be the essential ingredient for success. See how you build perseverance and stubbornness last year. More than that, find something that are more valuable you can take as great weapons to face the future. There must be many things you can pick up on. 

Understand yourself better

Every individual has different set of skills and you should find what’s yours. You must have tools and skills that can help you a lot in achieving your goals. During this self-evaluation and recognition, be realistic and don’t try to lie to yourself because it won’t work no matter how. You have to evaluate yourself objectively and even though it seems hard, it is really not. What is hard is acceptance of what you do possess and what you don’t. Hence, look at what you need and what you have. By acknowledging your own strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to make realistic and objective plans. It is also essential so you know what separate you from competitors. 

Know what to prioritize

It is not only to become a stronger business person what you aim after surviving the pandemic but also to come out as a stronger human being. Hence, focus on what matters the most. Focusing on your business needs the right bedrock to start off. Keep your focus on maintaining your health and good relationships. Approach your business in that focus so you will be able to find the right work-life balance. When you achieve this, you will be a happier person. It will be impactful to how you run your business because when you are happier, you will be more productive. Then, you are ready to leave the past and focus on your future more. 

Bali Real Estate Beachfront, Between Feng Shui & Investment

Owning a Bali real estate beachfront is a smart and very profitable investment method. Based on research, staying on a beachfront tends to improve mental health. The sound of the waves can calm the brain. When the body is relaxed, it can make the mind calm, reduce stress and increase body immunity. In fact, the beach is synonymous with an area to spend time with loved ones. Clean and fresh air and high oxygen levels can help you sleep better. Before looking for Bali property for sale beachfront, there are view things you should pay attention to. 

Bali Real Estate Beachfront Location

First, determine your goal of buying beachfront Bali real estate. Is it for you to rent it back or will you occupy it? If you are going to rent a lease, determining the location is an important key. Looking for beachfront properties that are close to tourist points can attract tourists. This will ensure that the investment you invest in can increase the investment value.

View of the high seas

Beachfront villas in Bali are quite difficult to find. When you find Bali property for sale beachfront the price will definitely be very high. Beachfront villa enthusiasts also belong to the upper class. They are willing to spend a lot of money to enjoy the view of the high seas.

Determine the number of bedrooms

Vacationing to the beach is synonymous with holidays with family. Surely tourists are looking for bedrooms that can accommodate many family members. Currently, beachfront villas are also in great demand by young honeymooners, automatically they don’t need many bedrooms. As the owner of Bali beachfront real estate, you have to determine the market that you are going to reach. Is it a villa for a family or for those who only need 1-2 rooms?

Renovation Costs

Beachfront properties are particularly vulnerable to erosion and damage caused by wind and sea water. You have to make sure the foundation of the building is using a solid brick foundation structure. Beachfront Bali real estate is indeed attractive and a promising investment, but make sure you prepare for the renovation costs when suddenly needed. 

What is the connection between Feng Shui & Investment when buying a property?

Water has an important role in the study of feng shui. How about a house that is close to water such as the sea, lake or river? In fact, property in the coastal area is experiencing rapid development. Based on feng shui, this indicates strong chi (qi) and strongly supports prosperity. Conceptually, the wind carries the chi while the water stops the chi. It is in that water that the chi gathers and accumulates. When there is a gust of wind, the chi will move again, so that it is a source that causes the quality of environmental feng shui to be better, and the prosperity of the area can increase rapidly. Based on feng shui, owning a Bali Real Estate Beachfront leads you to prosperity. Now it depends on you, whether you believe in it or not in relation to Feng Shui, real estate, investment, and prosperity.

Quick Guide to Hire the Web Agency in Bali

With the rapid growth of internet users today, more businesses are helpless in creating and developing their own sites to reach out more potential online customers. And with so many web designers out there, it becoming harder to find who will be hired. Therefore, you may want to choose the right web agency Bali.

There are surely many web agency in Bali and you may are confusing which will be the best one to hire. Creating and developing your business site can be hard sometimes and even it is the herculean thing to do for most of the times to find the right web design company. That’s why you will need a help, the high quality one with professional experiences through this guide.

Quick guide finding website agency in Bali you really want to hire

An agency is always the best place and choice you will need to visit or contact to help you building the better website. No matter wherever you are, if you are requiring the web agency in Bali that is also can help any businesses in the whole part of the world, I am glad to be part of it. I am going to give you a quick guide in how you will do it the better way.

Quick guide to find the web agency in Bali

1/ Have experiences in creating and developing the websites in your line of business

One of the important thing to know while choosing the right web agency in Bali or even in anywhere is the company’s experiences. You may will find the web projects in their portfolio and in recently projects they are working out.

If you will find some or even more of the website projects are related to your line of work, it will really be an important advantage for you. The web agency will have the ideas what you are actually expected from the design and development team because they have been there before and is currently in there as well.

In case you are requiring the website in tourism industry such as hotel and villa reservations in Bali, travel packages, etc, there are even agencies with that specialty.

Following this first point of finding the web agency in Bali is important to make sure that an agency will be easier to understand your goals and will also easier for the team in customising the site that will suit your needs. Later, it will also beneficial in delivering the high quality website for your business.

2/ Asking the cost of hiring the web agency in Bali

Talking about the cost when hiring the web agency in Bali is also an important thing you have to be included into your question lists. This is the thing you should have been informed up front and should be in details.

An interesting thing you have to know about this is there are some of the agencies that are offering you the hourly rate. But no matter how the web project will be paid, you should be thinking about whether or not it will be the worthy one.

3/ Any supports after the completion web project

Getting the website completely online is not the end of what you are requiring. By the times, there will be issues or errors you will find or decided to change a bit about its design. That’s where the supports will be valuable.

It will be good if the price of hiring a web agency in Bali is also included with that especially for some future weeks or months as if you have your own team to be asked. It doesn’t matter if an agency won’t be stay up late to 24 hrs serving the customers, working hour is also fine as long as there will be the extra supports after the required web project is done.

Those will be some of the short ways for your guide that I will also like to use for finding the web agency in Bali for my own business. Those may help you as well.

Reasons Why Prefer Property Business and Not The Others

There are many types of business and investments available out there including real estate, bonds, stocks, etc. Each has rewarding points as well as risks. However, investing your hard-earned money means you need to be selective in choosing what type of investment that fits you including your passion as well as goals. With many options of investments available, it is just normal to find out which one is more advantageous and attractive than others. It is not always the high risk or big capital. It is also about the value, potential return of investment, as well as the amount of control involved. Thus, finding the right investment is like finding a perfect partner.

Reasons Why Prefer Property Business and Not The Others

Comparing property business and other investments


Property business is getting popular because it is beneficial and rewarding. Of course, there are many sub categories in property business you can be specialized in. Here is brief comparison of real estate business and the others:

  • According to several studies conducted in 2017, the rate of return on residential real estate averaged more than 7% annually. Meanwhile, another investment such as stock averaged less than 7%. It shows that real estate business has strong opportunity to gain success. It is because real estate business provides many ways for investors to gain profit. Investors can either purchase real estate property which will appreciate over time or rent it out to gain monthly cash flow.
  • Real estate business is easier to learn and adapt. Compared to other type of investments, people will learn about real estate business easier because it is something that exists in real life that somehow familiar. Before, jumping into property business, new investors can try house hacking for example. This is a gentle way to jump into real estate business. They can learn how to be a landlord by renting out one of units or rooms of a home they are living in. They will earn monthly cash flow while learning more about how the business works. Once they are skilled and knowledgeable enough, they can start purchasing another property to invest in.
  • Real estate business also provides more control. You can hold direct control of your investment portfolio. When you purchase a property, you own it and you can make your own decision about what changes you need to make. You can also decide when to buy or sell with your own decision. Of course you will have to consider many factors before making decision over your investment. However the final decision is in your hand. It may sound intimidating especially for new investors. However. Having more control over your investment means you have more control over your finance as well.

Real estate investment provides more opportunities for those who seek financial freedom. Thus, most people involved in business agree that property business is one of the most promising investments if not the best. Of course, it has its own risks and it is highly advised to take everything into consideration before making your own investment.