Increase Subscribers Of Your Business’s Blog To Generate Leads


It will be beneficial for your business to have a blog or newsletter to increase engagement with your target audience and existing customers. By having a blog, you allow people to enjoy a content that is to their interests. It’s great to have casual readers or occasional visitors to your blog. However, you want visitors who keep visiting your blog regularly and interact with your company’s online presence actively. And that’s when you need subscribers to your blog. 


Make people become your subscribers

Your website or blog can be a great place for you to build a community that is around your niche and brand more specifically. By having visitors subscribe to your blog, they give you their email address. Then, they move into your sale process, become leads to convert to customers and you close the sale. These processes end with how you fulfill their expectation. It’s even better if you can exceed it. Here are some tips to gain more subscribers to your blog and improve your business:

Provide meaningful content

Even though your blog is meant to attract people to buy your products or services, make sure that your contents are not always about selling or offering. You need to create contents that are meaningful, valuable, informative, and inspiring for readers. If they find your blog resourceful and informative, it’s highly likely for them to subscribe willingly because they feel the need to return. 

Make an accessible subscribe button

Make sure that your subscribe button on the blog is visible and accessible. Don’t put it in hideous corner or else it will be hard for readers and potential customers to find it and click it. Thus, put it in an obvious spot on your blog, and make it as interesting as possible to look at. It’s recommended to put subscribe button at the top-right portion of your blog. Or, you may also have a pop-up (requesting them to subscribe) appear as readers leaving your page. 

Offer a gift

People are more likely to subscribe a channel or blog if they get an incentive in return. Hence, offering a gift for readers to subscribe can be a good idea to try. You don’t have to give spectacular gift to encourage them to subscribe. You may offer a special discount for certain products, a voucher, etc. 

Create content that is easy to read and understand

Life is already hard enough so you don’t need to make people think too hard when reading your content. Create contents that are easy to read and enjoyable while still giving valuable information. Be mindful with the choice of fonts, colors, and line arrangement. Simplifying your article is a good idea to make your content easy to skim. 

Present social proof

Give social proof that show prospective subscribers how many people have already subscribed. Show prospective subscribers how your subscribers find your blog to be valuable, resourceful, and informative. It can make them more comfortable to join the crowd and expect for treasures, helpful contents.