The Importance of Money to Start Property Investing


Investing in property is both promising and challenging. It is often that young people come and try investing in property just because they see how other can do it successfully. However, the success in property investing cannot be achieved in a day or two. It takes years before someone is successful in their property investing. However, it pays off once you reach your success in this business. One of the most influential factors in property investing is money. It cannot be denied that money is important for every type of business. To start investing in property, budget is essential. It is not only about the amount but also the flow.

The Importance of Money to Start Property Investing

How to treat your money in property investing

Property prices in most prices are skyrocketing. It means you need more money to start investing. It also means you need to be creative with your money. Setting up budget will be very helpful so that you can decide based on accurate estimation. The money you spend should be worth it and paid off. Here are things about money and property investing:

       If you try to save money by buying cheap properties then you need to reevaluate your plan. Buying cheap properties sound tempting and promising. However, it is not always good decision. Most of them are inferior products which need further repairs and touches. It means you will still spend your money to make it more valuable and increase the price. This type of property has less demand as well. On the other hand, you need to buy investment grade properties to invest in. it costs more but worth it.

       Starting property investment means you need proper fund. Where to get it and how much you need it are things you should consider. Money can be your weapon to start property investing. However, it can backfire if you don’t get and use it properly. Setting up your budget is essential so that you can choose the flow. You need to set how much you are willing to spend for a property. Remember that investment grade property is what you should buy if you want to invest properly.

       There are many unexpected things can happen when you start investing or during. Thus, you need to form steady financial setting with the right system. It is not always about how to spend money but also how to get more. If you choose rental property to invest in, it means you need to calculate properly of how much rent you are going to charge your tenants. You need to make thorough calculation for accurate estimation.

       Aside from setting the budget, you also need to synchronize your spending with the timing. Sometimes, it is best to wait and sometimes it is best not to. You need to synchronize your spending with the right timing. Therefore, the money you spend will be worth it. For example, it is better to wait a little longer until you can afford a superior property than hurriedly buy a secondary property.


A Just A Usual Morning in Boat Charter Komodo


When the word of Komodo begin to spread to the world, many travelers has long been planning to take boat charter Komodo for their exploration. Out of other traveling modes in Flores, boat charter are probably among the best. By renting your own boat, you are free to determine the length of your sailing trip, pick up your favourite  destination, and arrange your own itinerary. No need to compromise with strangers on boat because you (or your group) will be the only one to reserve the boat.

While that’s only one of the perks of reserving a boat in Komodo, the sailing trip itself would be a very fulfilling experience. Here we are going to illustrate about how you gonna start the day when you are sailing in boat charter Komodo.

A Just A Usual Morning in Boat Charter Komodo

Wake Up in Early Morning

Early in the morning, the crews has been woken up. Some are busy in the boat’s kitchen, preparing breakfast for everyone onboard. Others are checking the winds, preparing the sails, and the rest are checking dive gears for today’s dive.

Some say the most idyllic moment in Komodo happens at dawn. If you have arranged a sunrise hike with your boat charter Komodo crews, then maybe at that moment you are already at Padar Island or Gili Lawa, waiting for the sky to change. Yet if your itinerary of the day would only start after breakfast, then it would be the right time to wake up and see the boat basking in golden light. There’s something magical to get in the moment when the sea is still half sleepy, the corridors are empty, and the world is slowly waking up.


It’s time for breakfast! Just like any other sailing trip, your boat charter Komodo will prepare the meals for you. All you have to do is just showing up in the table. When the crews are still preparing fulfilling breakfast, make use of the time to explore the boat or just chilling in the sundecks. Morning sunlight is good for your skin, yo!

Breakfast in boat charter Komodo usually includes:

  • Toasts
  • Cheese slices, jams, or chocolate spread
  • Sliced fresh fruits
  • Local dishes. This could be varied from day to day and boat to boat. Generally, the crews will prepare something light yet fulfilling for breakfast. The most popular menu would be, but not limited to, the famous Nasi Goreng. There’s a high chance you will find potatoes and fried eggs.
  • Vegetables—both raw and cooked. The Indonesian are known to love having sliced of fresh vegetables—usually cucumbers and tomatoes—for side dishes.
  • Hot tea, coffee, and mineral water.


During or shortly after the breakfast, your travel leader would deliver a briefing for itinerary of the days. Be sure to listen carefully. Often times, they would explain technical details that you need to abide—especially diving is included in your plan.

The Importance of Action in Property Investing Business


In property investing business, there are many things to do before you achieve your success. It cannot be done in only a year or two before you succeed. Patience and self-discipline are important habit you should adapt during your days in managing your property investment. In addition, you need to take action instead of just busy planning here and there. Of course, planning and researching are important factor in property investing so that you won’t make wrong decision for your business. However, losing track of time in planning without taking action equals to failure.

How action affect your property investing

It is true that action speaks louder. Therefore, only affirmation won’t get you anywhere in property investing business. You will be left behind if you don’t take action and only rely on affirmation. Through action, you will get reaction. This is not just theory but fact. The type of action you do affect the type of reaction that sparks. Generally, action is needed in almost every aspect of life. You won’t fee full if you don’t eat. Just saying you are hungry won’t make foods appear in front of you. You need to go cooking or eat out at restaurant. Only then your hunger is satisfied. This is how action works and cause reaction.

Best action in property investing business

The right action to do in property investing is not the hurried one or unplanned one. Action is important but you still need to plan what kind of action you need to take. The key is, you need to stick with positive action. This type of action parallels to positive reaction. Taking positive action doesn’t guarantee you positive result. However, it has higher chance to cause positive reaction. Therefore, make sure to know what you are getting into before jump into any action in investing. For example, you cannot just buy a property just because your friend telling you it is cheap. The best action to do in this situation is not buying the property but taking your time researching about the property. After earning all needed information, you can decide whether or not the property is good to invest in.

Positive thoughts behind action

In taking your action, you need positive thoughts to help keep you motivated. This way, you have purpose of the action you are going to take. You have clean goal of what you want to achieve as the result of the action. For example, you need to know the reason why you choose to invest in residential property instead of commercial one. If you have more knowledge and better financial situation to invest in residential property, you should act upon it. If your aim is for comfortable retire and stable monthly, long term income, residential property rental is good for you. After finding out your own reason behind your decision, you have to take action. Only action drove by positive thought, enough knowledge, and strong will can cause positive reaction. So, what action you are going to take now to build your property business?

Stadium Bar Bali, Amazing Place To Watch Your Favorite Sports


What are you looking for to enjoy fun in Bali? Bar? Beach? The club? Panorama? One of the most sought after is the coldest beer system that can complement your day in Bali. The row of stadium bar Bali is perfect for watching your favorite sporting event.

stadium bar Bali

Stadium Bar Bali To Enjoy Sports, Live Music and Grill Food

Each sports bar Bali has a unique concept. The main thing is comfort and pleasure for guests when visiting. If you want to feel a different sensation, the stadium sports bar Bali is the perfect place. Sports fans will not be disappointed with the facilities provided by the stadium bar Bali.

Enjoying the stadium bar Bali with the coldest alcoholic drinks capable of the most memorable and stunning adrenaline pumping. No matter whether you are a local or foreign tourist, every moment at the stadium bar Bali will delight your days.

Widescreen facilities are ready to welcome you as sports fans. Each bar has a live sports schedule starting from Australian Tennis, football, to boxing. The bbq menu is increasingly entertaining and accompanying you throughout sports matches.

Enjoy cold drinks, bbq at the stadium bar Bali at promo prices? Who does not want to? Using a discount promo or all you can eat is not a bad idea. Especially if you are traveling to Bali for a long time and want to enjoy all the fun.

For the best diving, stop at the stadium bar Bali recommended by other travelers. This is the best way to find the perfect place to pass your night. Whether you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a rooftop, outdoor or beachside bar, a bottle of a cold star is mandatory.

You are not a sports enthusiast? Don’t worry, the stadium bar Bali brings the highest service to everyone. If you want to visit with family there are many delicious menu offerings at affordable prices. The Bali Stadium bar is perfect for hangouts, solo traveling or families. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of certain country expats huddling and occupying one of the Seminyak sports bars every weekend.

The Seminyak area is the most favorite for expats and foreign tourists spending the night. No need to ask whether it’s weekend? Make sure you get information about the Bali bar stadium schedule that will be visited. The best time to visit is nearing the night and enjoying Bali which is enlivened with lights that adorn the stadium bar Bali.

Things You Should Know before Renting to Family or Friends


Having someone familiar beside you is comforting and make you feel more secured. However, it is great idea to involve your family or friends in your business like property investing? The answer is it has bad and good points you need to take into consideration before making rash decision. One of the biggest hurdles is that drawing line between professional and business relationship. It is hard to maintain business relationship with someone you already know because you know them and familiar with them. However, it will be difficult to stick with familiarity based on personal acquaintance because then your business can go wrong. Your bias may backfire you.

Things You Should Know before Renting to Family or Friends

Good and bad sides of renting to family or friends

Renting out your property to tenants is how you make the business works. You cannot just let your property vacant in long period because you won’t get any income from that. However, there is also low season when tenants are hard to find. Just then, a family and friend are in need of home rental. Should you rent your property to them or is it bad decision?

  • Renting to friend or family means you already know and understand them of who they are, where they work, and their habit. Thus, it benefits you from deeper research about unknown tenants. It saves your time. It is even better when your family or friend also understand you, can pay rent on time every month, and take care of your property well just like their own home because they know how hard you work on it. However, the things can go wrong if your friend or family has bad habits such as late in payment or never clean the house. Thus, you still need to select which family or friend you can trust to rent to or else you will ruin your relationship, business, or both.
  • Next thing to consider is tenancy agreement under legal contract. Business is business. You need to do it legally or else you will face bigger and unresolved problem in the future. In case of renting to friend or family, it is easy to confirm and agree anything through handshake or casual talking. When problem arises in the future, your effort to talk out can result in ruined relationship or failed business. Thus, it is safer to stick to tenancy agreement before sealing the deal to rent to your family or friend, no matter how close you are to each other.
  • Things about renting to a family or friend is, it can give win-win solution to both parties. For example, when your property is vacant and your friend or family need a place to stay in then you can just rent it to them. They can take care of your property well. However, it is often that emotional connections affect the dynamic of your personal and professional relationship which can end badly. Thus, make sure to set out rules of engagement under legal premise for the sake of both parties.


Easy Dive Trip with Komodo Diving Liveaboard


If you have travelled around the world and venture to seven seas (just kidding), you might have been familiar with the concept of diving. There are many things to love from diving. The almost surreal underwater world, the bright and weird-shaped corals, and the amazing marine life. In pristine water like Flores, Komodo, where the water is tightly protected and the underwater landscapes are beyond stunning, every dives gives this lingering feeling that makes you want to go for more and more dives. And as a matter of fact, diving is actually one of the most favourite activities in Komodo after dragon hunting and savannah trekking.

But here lies the main problem of diving trip Komodo—if you did it in the conventional way.

Easy Dive Trip with Komodo Diving Liveaboard

As much as diving is fun and fulfilling, it takes a lot of preparation to get into the underwater. Divers need to constantly set up and break down their dive suits, rinse and store dive gears, and hop into a boat to get into and from the dive set. But when you repeat every single process in places like Flores where dive sites are plenty and equally amazing, things can start to be quite tiring. Especially when you have the conventional land-based dive centre to store all the gears and start each dives from the nearest shores. That’s why we need Komodo diving liveaboard, where diving and sailing trip is combined in one package.

Eliminates All Diving Fuss with Komodo Diving Liveaboard

When everything you want to do in Komodo is just to enjoy one dive after another, you will practically spend most of your time by the sea. And that’s exactly what a diving liveaboard is. It lets you to have a floating home in the sea; a home where you can sleep, eat, and store all your dive gears in one place. A hotel-like boat which will let you explore Komodo’s most remote dive sites, chill in the emptiest beaches, get totally secluded from the crowds, plus get totally disconnected from the busy world.

Diving liveaboard usually specialise themselves on diving rather than a usual sailing trip—which means you are having a high chance to be equipped with the best supporting gears onboard. Some of the best Komodo diving liveaboard are built with high sensitivity to diver’s needs, such as special wet room for changing suits, individual rinse tanks, camera rooms, aluminium tanks and other gears, and plenty of spaces for gear preps.

Now let’s see if you can still remember your previous life back in the land after this awesome liveaboard diving trip!

Possible Mistakes Happen during Property Renovation


There is always risk when it comes to business included property investing. Most investors aim for higher profit and rental return by investing in property whether residential or commercial one. Renovation is one of ways you can increase the value of your property.

Getting to know the mistakes in property renovation you should avoid

You can do minor or major renovation according to your liking. However, renovation is a big deal. If you make mistake, especially to major renovation then you may suffer from huge lost. As the result, your property renovation ends up in disaster. The value of your property will be likely to decrease when your renovation project fails.

Mistakes in property renovation you should avoid

Mistakes happen anytime to anything. However, there are chances to avoid mistakes once you know more about them. In property renovation, there are also mistakes possibly happen even if you have planned everything perfectly. To avoid costly damage and disastrous damage, here are common mistakes you need to know in property renovation:

  • Rely more on DIY job instead of trusted contractor. Small renovation like minor fixtures here and there is possible for DIY. However, you need reliable and trusted contractor and professional if you have major renovation to your property. One of the reasons is limited budget. However, the cost you need to pay will be much bigger if you make mistakes during your major renovation. Paying a little bit extra to hire professional will be worth it. This can prevent you from losing much money.
  • Forget to set out plan and budgeting. This mistake is common and you can learn from it. Remember that planning is essential in any type of business. Without it, you cannot estimate your project well. By planning everything such as budget, labor, and materials, you have more precise estimation to your property renovation project. This can avoid you form failure costly damage.
  • Always include pool to renovation checklist. Most investors believe that adding pool to the property will automatically add the value. However, pool is hard to maintain which leads to excessive expense to your maintenance budget. Besides, it doesn’t always add the value to your property. Besides, you need to consider the neighborhood before adding pool because it is supposed to suit.
  • Blindly copy the ads. There are many ads of renovation that look interesting. However, not all of them are suitable with your property. Copying the trend of interior design is fine. However, make sure to choose point that will enhance your property and add its value. If you stubbornly do what the ads show without consideration, it might end up disastrously.
  • Too focus on choosing cheap appliances. Setting your budget is important in property renovation. However, doing everything on the cheap won’t get you anywhere either. Even if you are on budget, make sure to choose quality appliances. They are more durable for long term use. Thus, they are more appealing to tenants. You don’t have to buy the most expensive appliances. However, make sure to avoid nasty and cheap ones.

Finds A True Champ of Graphic Design Bali Services


While being a graphic designer can helps you to expressing your creativity, it can also be your own business since many of the businessmen are looking for it. If you are in Bali and needs to find the best services relates to the graphic designing field, I’ll let you know how you will finds one.

It is easy to find the graphic design services in Bali but at the same time, it may also be frustrated for some people especially the new businessmen that needs to build their brand, designing the product packages, preparing the better logo, and even more.

get the champ of graphic design services in Bali

Starting a new business is usually hard at first, especially when you will spend quite a lot of money at the beginning.

You will have to do that to make your first business launch getting success. And of all some investments your business will need, getting the better services in graphic design Bali can be considered important as well to impress the customers.

But, how the new businesses can get their better and affordable graphic design services in Bali?

As we all know that the new business is usually meets the budgeting issue since the first time getting it opened. Almost anywhere in the world will really applying the tight rules in spending the budget in a variety of possible ways, including when dealing with graphic design services that many may are usually thinking it can be so expensive.

We can’t only considering Bali as the world destination for tourism. If you are looking closer, it is also where the creative people are gathering. There are many artists over there and so with the business sectors. It is also a place to bring together the various products and services with their customers that are coming form various countries.

Bali is the island where the international market is happening everyday! So that, your business really needs to be prepared very well. You are no longer needs to think that the logo design is not important at all and any other results of design works.

If you can make the necessary designs yourself, then you can cut them all by finding the best services for that. It is better to investing your budget for the graphic design Bali works so later you can focusing your time and energy to build the business or solve the existing issues that are threatening your business or making solid of your team and others.

There are two things you will be requiring for the best graphic design works in Bali that benefits your business. They are looking for the professionals with various portfolio and find them in an agency!!!

Trust an agency to make your business graphic design works in Bali may sounds the elegant but not quite affordable way to do than finding the freelancers with also professional portfolio. But you can actually possible to take advantages more than what you will be paid for.

An agency is not only full of the professional teams but you will also be surprised that the cost won’t be as what you have been expected before. It is an investment for your business and the team will really understand that so they will really making the designs that are not only needed by your business but also helps the brands, increasing the identity, creative and many more.

I am done suggesting about the freelancers especially when you will doing it online and can’t visit the place of where they are actually working. For me, a visit means thousand purposes to talk about anything related that you may forgot by phone or e-mail. There should be a direct two-way communication to discussing anything in mind related to what the business is truly need in its correlation with graphic designing.

So that, never underestimates the place of work. Even if you are finding the freelancer, make sure that you can’t only give and get the contacts but you can also find his address and paying your visit someday.

By doing that, I am really curious about the agency that becomes your champ to finish all of your design graphic homeworks for your business in Bali.

The Right Way to Treat Your Property Investment


It is easy to invest in property. However, not everyone can treat their property investment right. That is the reasons why most investors don’t become successful. One of the reasons why people jump into property investing is to gain financial freedom, which is hard to get. Financial independence cannot be achieved in a day or two. It takes years to become a successful investor. To achieve success, you need to do everything systematically and thoroughly. Self-discipline and strong will are important in property investing. People also invest in property to work less and earn more. However, it is not as easy as it looks either.

How to treat your property investment?

Most successful investor rely more on strong financial discipline. It is easy to feel intimidated with already successful investors. However, it should be your motivation to do more. Of course, it is challenging to gain financial freedom through property investment. Here are things you can do to treat your property investment and make it valuable:

  • First things first, you should realize that the system of tax, finance, and law are essentials. That is why it is impossible to jump blindly in property investing without building the right system to manage it. Treating your property investment like a business is the right thing to do. This is how you treat your property investment. If you treat it like a business, you will automatically think of the system because a business cannot work without a system.
  • Next thing to do is related to your money. The right thing to do to the money you earn from property investment is not just to earn it, pay tax and spend what is left over. The right thing to do to your money from property investment is to earn income, spend money, and pay tax on what is left. You cannot just treat your property investment like a job. It is your business that you should manage. Handling the money you earn also influence on how far you gain your goals.
  • Remember that as business owner, you have advantage with before-tax-dollars unlike employee who only pays their needs with after-tax dollars.  That is why business owner often has more things they can afford to buy. This is why treating your property investment like a business impacts on your success as an investor.
  • However, it doesn’t mean you should just open conventional business because investing is investing. Owning a business is not easy either since there are some challenges you need to tackle down. However, treating your property investment like it is a real business will help you to adopt the right system. You also have different mindset which allow you to have good habits in handling your investment.
  • Knowing the right type of finance is important for your property investment. This can help you to set up the right ownership setting as well as asset protection structures. Treating your property investment like a business also means you do everything legally. Thus, your investment is more protected and secured.

Bars In Seminyak Bali, A Place Where To Drink With Others


In the eyes of the world, Bali looks very attractive as a tourist destination, especially Bali. Ease of access to flights to Bali is more affordable than neighboring countries such as Singapore or Malaysia. Nightlife is a fun destination for tourists who mostly live in the Seminyak area. Seminyak area is no stranger to sparkling world lovers. Club and best bars in Bali Seminyak are ready to accompany anyone to enjoy the night.

bars in Seminyak Bali

What Do You Get From Bars In Seminyak Bali?

Bars in Seminyak Bali turned out to not only offer fun with a bottle of a cold beer. Enjoying the sunset in some Seminyak bars is perfect. There are lots of best bars in Bali Seminyak that are in front of the beach. Don’t be surprised if you have to queue to get the best spot. Businessmen are increasingly clever at seeing the needs of travelers, and travelers have contributed to the area of Seminyak. Cheap drinks and food, and increasingly boisterous when night falls. Most bars in Seminyak Bali are very close and nothing can stop you from bar hopping to closing.

The weather in Bali is very comfortable, friendly and warm throughout the year. This is the best destination to enjoy the scenery around the outdoor bars in Seminyak Bali. In certain months, December to February, the frequency of rain is a little high. But this does not rule out the possibility that you enjoy cool weather and raindrops at bars in Bali Seminyak.

If a few years ago Kuta was very well known, now Seminyak has replaced the popularity of Kuta. But each has its own charm, even though it is in a different condition of travelers. If Kuta is visited by travelers from many countries, Seminyak is more referring to Australian travelers or expats. The perfect balance of calm, seclusion and beauty of the beach makes the expats like to live in Seminyak.

The best way to get around bars in Seminyak Bali is by foot. Other methods may be unpleasant because the Seminyak area is always crowded with cars that bring travelers to or leave the hotel. Walking makes it easy for you to choose the bar you want to visit. Seeing the activities of the locals when day and night gives its own pleasure.

After being completely relaxed and fresh at the bars in Seminyak Bali, it’s time to visit shops. The area is not only for nightlife lovers but also many fashion boutique lines that are liked by all travelers from many countries. Bars in Seminyak Bali is perfect for you to determine where your feet will go around the Seminyak area.