Feeling Tired? It’s Time for A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard


What’s the relevance of being tired with Komodo liveaboard?

The answer is many.

Picture this. You are sailing leisurely on a polished wooden boat, under a clear blue sky. Below you is bright aquamarine sea with chunks of reef rocks dappled along the shallow shore. Between the vast, empty seas, a group of civilization-free islands rise abruptly from the body of the water. Golden savannah vegetation covered most area of these rugged terrain, giving away a beautiful hue of beige with the powdery white beaches that lines the little island. Combined, they form a spectacular panorama of what looks like remains of the Lost World. That is the Komodo National Park. A brilliant haven that’s completely remote from the rest of the world. A travel sanctuary free from rows of umbrellas beach and touristy development.

Feeling Tired? It’s Time for A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard

Dangling in the tip of Flores, Indonesia, Komodo National Park has long casts its spells to wildlife scientists, botanist, wildlife medias, and explorers—mainly to see the rare life and its homeland residence; the one and only Komodo dragon colony on earth. Today, Komodo has become one of travelers’ secret sweetheart and ready to share its beauty to the world.

It brings one-of-a-kind trip experience

Komodo liveaboard is not like your everyday travel. Usually, you would stay at a hotel for the whole period of holiday. And you would go out of the hotel to go to attractions places. But not with liveaboard.

Just like a cruise, the liveaboard will be your only means of accommodation during the sailing trip. You will get a room, sleep, eat, and travel all in the liveaboard. You can take time lounging in the deck while the boat sails to next destination. No energy is wasted thinking and arguing about itinerary trip as the liveaboard will do it for you. Your liveaboard even doubles as dive center—carrying all diving equipment and taking you to best diving sites around Komodo. For you who have been tired from all the work, you gotta love the ample of leisure time on this trip; both for body and mind.

It’s a sweet reward for your all your hard-work

Oh dear, what’s better than basking under the sun in tropical paradise after spending the last six months under tight deadlines and schedules?

Everyone in Komodo Liveaboard is letting all loose and having fun

You gotta feel happiness and uplifting energy dominates every corner of Komodo liveaboard. Everyone here is on holiday mood. No one is getting cranky for unfinished project, meeting work objectives, or solving a fatal problem. Laughter and songs are everywhere, and the only nervousness you’d see would only involve meeting the Komodo dragons or diving for the first time.

It’s time to live just for your dream

One of the best thing from Komodo liveaboard experience is that it frees you from the burden of everyday responsibilities—even thinking about what to do next. The crews will prepare the best itinerary, cooks all your meals, and keep the boat clean and cozy. Some liveaboard even provides onboard spa services! All you have to do is just relax and life the moment to the fullest. Sailing with liveaboard to pristine destination will be one of those rare time when you can just swim, lounging, enjoy a panoramic view, or do nothing all day long without falling into a guilty trap. The only thing to make you feel tired is hiking, diving, and exploring the world of Komodo dragon. And I guarantee you, that’s the kind of exhaustion that will bring smile to your face.