A Just A Usual Morning in Boat Charter Komodo

When the word of Komodo begin to spread to the world, many travelers has long been planning to take boat charter Komodo for their exploration. Out of other traveling modes in Flores, boat charter are probably among the best. By renting your own boat, you are free to determine the length of your sailing trip, pick up your favourite  destination, and arrange your own itinerary. No need to compromise with strangers on boat because you (or your group) will be the only one to reserve the boat.

While that’s only one of the perks of reserving a boat in Komodo, the sailing trip itself would be a very fulfilling experience. Here we are going to illustrate about how you gonna start the day when you are sailing in boat charter Komodo.

A Just A Usual Morning in Boat Charter Komodo

Wake Up in Early Morning

Early in the morning, the crews has been woken up. Some are busy in the boat’s kitchen, preparing breakfast for everyone onboard. Others are checking the winds, preparing the sails, and the rest are checking dive gears for today’s dive.

Some say the most idyllic moment in Komodo happens at dawn. If you have arranged a sunrise hike with your boat charter Komodo crews, then maybe at that moment you are already at Padar Island or Gili Lawa, waiting for the sky to change. Yet if your itinerary of the day would only start after breakfast, then it would be the right time to wake up and see the boat basking in golden light. There’s something magical to get in the moment when the sea is still half sleepy, the corridors are empty, and the world is slowly waking up.


It’s time for breakfast! Just like any other sailing trip, your boat charter Komodo will prepare the meals for you. All you have to do is just showing up in the table. When the crews are still preparing fulfilling breakfast, make use of the time to explore the boat or just chilling in the sundecks. Morning sunlight is good for your skin, yo!

Breakfast in boat charter Komodo usually includes:

  • Toasts
  • Cheese slices, jams, or chocolate spread
  • Sliced fresh fruits
  • Local dishes. This could be varied from day to day and boat to boat. Generally, the crews will prepare something light yet fulfilling for breakfast. The most popular menu would be, but not limited to, the famous Nasi Goreng. There’s a high chance you will find potatoes and fried eggs.
  • Vegetables—both raw and cooked. The Indonesian are known to love having sliced of fresh vegetables—usually cucumbers and tomatoes—for side dishes.
  • Hot tea, coffee, and mineral water.


During or shortly after the breakfast, your travel leader would deliver a briefing for itinerary of the days. Be sure to listen carefully. Often times, they would explain technical details that you need to abide—especially diving is included in your plan.

Stadium Bar Bali, Amazing Place To Watch Your Favorite Sports

What are you looking for to enjoy fun in Bali? Bar? Beach? The club? Panorama? One of the most sought after is the coldest beer system that can complement your day in Bali. The row of stadium bar Bali is perfect for watching your favorite sporting event.

stadium bar Bali

Stadium Bar Bali To Enjoy Sports, Live Music and Grill Food

Each sports bar Bali has a unique concept. The main thing is comfort and pleasure for guests when visiting. If you want to feel a different sensation, the stadium sports bar Bali is the perfect place. Sports fans will not be disappointed with the facilities provided by the stadium bar Bali.

Enjoying the stadium bar Bali with the coldest alcoholic drinks capable of the most memorable and stunning adrenaline pumping. No matter whether you are a local or foreign tourist, every moment at the stadium bar Bali will delight your days.

Widescreen facilities are ready to welcome you as sports fans. Each bar has a live sports schedule starting from Australian Tennis, football, to boxing. The bbq menu is increasingly entertaining and accompanying you throughout sports matches.

Enjoy cold drinks, bbq at the stadium bar Bali at promo prices? Who does not want to? Using a discount promo or all you can eat is not a bad idea. Especially if you are traveling to Bali for a long time and want to enjoy all the fun.

For the best diving, stop at the stadium bar Bali recommended by other travelers. This is the best way to find the perfect place to pass your night. Whether you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a rooftop, outdoor or beachside bar, a bottle of a cold star is mandatory.

You are not a sports enthusiast? Don’t worry, the stadium bar Bali brings the highest service to everyone. If you want to visit with family there are many delicious menu offerings at affordable prices. The Bali Stadium bar is perfect for hangouts, solo traveling or families. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of certain country expats huddling and occupying one of the Seminyak sports bars every weekend.

The Seminyak area is the most favorite for expats and foreign tourists spending the night. No need to ask whether it’s weekend? Make sure you get information about the Bali bar stadium schedule that will be visited. The best time to visit is nearing the night and enjoying Bali which is enlivened with lights that adorn the stadium bar Bali.

Easy Dive Trip with Komodo Diving Liveaboard

If you have travelled around the world and venture to seven seas (just kidding), you might have been familiar with the concept of diving. There are many things to love from diving. The almost surreal underwater world, the bright and weird-shaped corals, and the amazing marine life. In pristine water like Flores, Komodo, where the water is tightly protected and the underwater landscapes are beyond stunning, every dives gives this lingering feeling that makes you want to go for more and more dives. And as a matter of fact, diving is actually one of the most favourite activities in Komodo after dragon hunting and savannah trekking.

But here lies the main problem of diving trip Komodo—if you did it in the conventional way.

Easy Dive Trip with Komodo Diving Liveaboard

As much as diving is fun and fulfilling, it takes a lot of preparation to get into the underwater. Divers need to constantly set up and break down their dive suits, rinse and store dive gears, and hop into a boat to get into and from the dive set. But when you repeat every single process in places like Flores where dive sites are plenty and equally amazing, things can start to be quite tiring. Especially when you have the conventional land-based dive centre to store all the gears and start each dives from the nearest shores. That’s why we need Komodo diving liveaboard, where diving and sailing trip is combined in one package.

Eliminates All Diving Fuss with Komodo Diving Liveaboard

When everything you want to do in Komodo is just to enjoy one dive after another, you will practically spend most of your time by the sea. And that’s exactly what a diving liveaboard is. It lets you to have a floating home in the sea; a home where you can sleep, eat, and store all your dive gears in one place. A hotel-like boat which will let you explore Komodo’s most remote dive sites, chill in the emptiest beaches, get totally secluded from the crowds, plus get totally disconnected from the busy world.

Diving liveaboard usually specialise themselves on diving rather than a usual sailing trip—which means you are having a high chance to be equipped with the best supporting gears onboard. Some of the best Komodo diving liveaboard are built with high sensitivity to diver’s needs, such as special wet room for changing suits, individual rinse tanks, camera rooms, aluminium tanks and other gears, and plenty of spaces for gear preps.

Now let’s see if you can still remember your previous life back in the land after this awesome liveaboard diving trip!

Bars In Seminyak Bali, A Place Where To Drink With Others

In the eyes of the world, Bali looks very attractive as a tourist destination, especially Bali. Ease of access to flights to Bali is more affordable than neighboring countries such as Singapore or Malaysia. Nightlife is a fun destination for tourists who mostly live in the Seminyak area. Seminyak area is no stranger to sparkling world lovers. Club and best bars in Bali Seminyak are ready to accompany anyone to enjoy the night.

bars in Seminyak Bali

What Do You Get From Bars In Seminyak Bali?

Bars in Seminyak Bali turned out to not only offer fun with a bottle of a cold beer. Enjoying the sunset in some Seminyak bars is perfect. There are lots of best bars in Bali Seminyak that are in front of the beach. Don’t be surprised if you have to queue to get the best spot. Businessmen are increasingly clever at seeing the needs of travelers, and travelers have contributed to the area of Seminyak. Cheap drinks and food, and increasingly boisterous when night falls. Most bars in Seminyak Bali are very close and nothing can stop you from bar hopping to closing.

The weather in Bali is very comfortable, friendly and warm throughout the year. This is the best destination to enjoy the scenery around the outdoor bars in Seminyak Bali. In certain months, December to February, the frequency of rain is a little high. But this does not rule out the possibility that you enjoy cool weather and raindrops at bars in Bali Seminyak.

If a few years ago Kuta was very well known, now Seminyak has replaced the popularity of Kuta. But each has its own charm, even though it is in a different condition of travelers. If Kuta is visited by travelers from many countries, Seminyak is more referring to Australian travelers or expats. The perfect balance of calm, seclusion and beauty of the beach makes the expats like to live in Seminyak.

The best way to get around bars in Seminyak Bali is by foot. Other methods may be unpleasant because the Seminyak area is always crowded with cars that bring travelers to or leave the hotel. Walking makes it easy for you to choose the bar you want to visit. Seeing the activities of the locals when day and night gives its own pleasure.

After being completely relaxed and fresh at the bars in Seminyak Bali, it’s time to visit shops. The area is not only for nightlife lovers but also many fashion boutique lines that are liked by all travelers from many countries. Bars in Seminyak Bali is perfect for you to determine where your feet will go around the Seminyak area.

3 Ways to Leave Minimum Trace When Hammock Camping

I have no idea about things that we can do and have no impact at all to the environment. Anything we have been done as well as what we’ll be done are possible to make the changes to the nature either in positive or the negative impact. Including when we are in a travel. The more people are getting out and enjoying the nature, there more it will get impacts from all of us.

As most of us are keep on dreaming and trying to make a better world, then we have to think about the steps or ways to minimize and reduce the negative impacts that our environment gets.

Thinking about that, hammock camping can be one of the great example to enjoy the travel and will only leaves the minimum and small impacts to the visited spots.

Hammock camping in the nature

As a shelter, hammock is only one among some of the appropriate sleeping systems at the outdoors. Since long ago, we have been introduced with the use of tent and also the swamp bed when we are camping for sometime.

But to be honest, both of the shelters will be altering the natural environment. In the other hands, we have to leave the smaller footprint or trace so the existing natural’s life, the plants and the animals, the soils, etc aren’t being harmed.

That’s why, I am suggesting you to experience the hammock camping as it will only gives the minimum impacts to the environment and apparently has been the best sleeping system and shelter so far.

1. Try not to use the rope when hammock camping, use the tree friendly straps instead

There are actually the rope that made of the nylon or the polyester which is also the main material for the hammock camping straps as the combination of the tree-friendly properties with higher durability and will also load more of your items.

The most important thing you have to remember is that the straps are well designed so the surfaces aren’t rough. Far different with most of the whatever kind of the ropes that can be a little rough. So that, the straps will allowing us to enjoy the relaxing hang without worrying too much about the trees that are used as the stands.

The straps can even still be installed on any kind of sturdy objects and slippery surfaces. Another one advantage when using the straps is that, they are adjustable so there will be big chance that your hammock along with all the loaded stuffs won’t damage the bark.

Even the plastic cables could harm the trees, but using the straps when you are hammock camping can minimize the negative impacts that will still make the trees to growing up.

2. Finds established campsite for hammocking

One thing you have to keep in your mind is that you have to find the campsite for your hammock and do not try to makes one. I know that this advice sounds like it won’t really be applied at the wildlife, but if you are thinking about to brings the hammock and enjoy the short camping at the public park or else, then you’d better ensure that the site is has been permitted for that.

Doing this, you are actually contributing to keep the good act for the protected area as well as protecting the trees. But when you are doing it the otherwise, then you have add one or some negative impacts to the nature.

So that, never underestimates this point so many of us can still reduce and even avoid to makes the bad footprint for our neighborhood.

3. You will only leave your own footprints

Leave your footprints as the only thing you left after hammock camping

Staying awhile for one or two days when hammock camping can make you produce some wastes. Even for about hours, you may do that. And I am sure that there will be the plastic wastes among that times.

So that, when you are re-packing your stuff and ready to go back at home, make sure that you are also cleaning up all the area you have been used.

Never thrown away the wastes that hard to be decomposed since there might won’t be any people will know about that but you.

And by the way, that’s all your wastes, so, never leave them all in the open nature because that will be the bad moves you can give to the environment.

So that, double check everything right before leave your hammock camping area.

Get the Joy Staying In Luxury Villas At Seminyak

Any aspects that are relating to your traveling in Bali should contributing to make your holidays more comfortable and memorable. So that the accommodation which in this post I will remind you about the possible joy you can experience while staying in the luxury villas at Seminyak.

Finding your travel accommodation in Bali can be a piece of cake. Sometimes, it can be difficult. Seminyak itself even just a village, doesn’t mean that it can be the easy thing to do for finding the stay, even though that can’t also be as difficult as it is imagined. It is because there are so many luxury villas in Seminyak village.

They may can’t give you stress, but surely they can be so confusing since there are so many offers.

The only luxury villas that I have known so well that you can choose to rent when you want to stay at Seminyak is the Hu’u Villas Bali.

Living the joy by staying in luxury villas at Seminyak village

If you are interesting to rent one of its villas, then make sure it will as what you need. Everything depending on your budget and property requirements. If you want to rent 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and up to 13 luxury bedroom villas Seminyak, you have just known the right place.

If you are also need an accommodation that is closer to the beach, you have just found one within a walking distance.

All of the luxury and affordable villas are located in the heart of Seminyak and they are also being part of the ultrachic resort with a hip bar and dining. It has the Den’s bar and the Sea Vu Play’s restaurant that will give all the villa’s guests the special services if you’d like to ask the management.

Hu’u Villas Bali is occupying a cluster of ultramodern villas in the center of Seminyak while the upscale resort is only around under 5 minutes walk from the Pura Petitenget temple

If you are also wants to be a fan of the largest salt water pool in Bali, then your luxury villas seminyak are just about 5 minutes away from the Mrs. Sippy Bali. You can walk yourself there and experience into a mediteranian insprired oasis to make your travel even exciting.

Those elegant villas are also feature kitchens, private swimming pools, sundecks and gardens, as well as free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Some have 4-poster beds, double vanity units, freestanding baths and/or iPod docks.

Amenities include a trendy bar/club where international DJs play, as well as a contemporary restaurant offering high-end Asian cuisine and a terrace with scene

Is there anything on above that you will need but have not been mentioned yet? You may need to find the other posts I have published before that are related to the luxury and elegant villas in Seminyak.

Hope this short information will give you benefits. If you are wondering about the price and all the other services and amenity, I am suggesting you to go to its official site right away and also see all the galleries about your stay and the surrounds that have been displayed on the site.

Feeling Tired? It’s Time for A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard

What’s the relevance of being tired with Komodo liveaboard?

The answer is many.

Picture this. You are sailing leisurely on a polished wooden boat, under a clear blue sky. Below you is bright aquamarine sea with chunks of reef rocks dappled along the shallow shore. Between the vast, empty seas, a group of civilization-free islands rise abruptly from the body of the water. Golden savannah vegetation covered most area of these rugged terrain, giving away a beautiful hue of beige with the powdery white beaches that lines the little island. Combined, they form a spectacular panorama of what looks like remains of the Lost World. That is the Komodo National Park. A brilliant haven that’s completely remote from the rest of the world. A travel sanctuary free from rows of umbrellas beach and touristy development.

Feeling Tired? It’s Time for A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard

Dangling in the tip of Flores, Indonesia, Komodo National Park has long casts its spells to wildlife scientists, botanist, wildlife medias, and explorers—mainly to see the rare life and its homeland residence; the one and only Komodo dragon colony on earth. Today, Komodo has become one of travelers’ secret sweetheart and ready to share its beauty to the world.

It brings one-of-a-kind trip experience

Komodo liveaboard is not like your everyday travel. Usually, you would stay at a hotel for the whole period of holiday. And you would go out of the hotel to go to attractions places. But not with liveaboard.

Just like a cruise, the liveaboard will be your only means of accommodation during the sailing trip. You will get a room, sleep, eat, and travel all in the liveaboard. You can take time lounging in the deck while the boat sails to next destination. No energy is wasted thinking and arguing about itinerary trip as the liveaboard will do it for you. Your liveaboard even doubles as dive center—carrying all diving equipment and taking you to best diving sites around Komodo. For you who have been tired from all the work, you gotta love the ample of leisure time on this trip; both for body and mind.

It’s a sweet reward for your all your hard-work

Oh dear, what’s better than basking under the sun in tropical paradise after spending the last six months under tight deadlines and schedules?

Everyone in Komodo Liveaboard is letting all loose and having fun

You gotta feel happiness and uplifting energy dominates every corner of Komodo liveaboard. Everyone here is on holiday mood. No one is getting cranky for unfinished project, meeting work objectives, or solving a fatal problem. Laughter and songs are everywhere, and the only nervousness you’d see would only involve meeting the Komodo dragons or diving for the first time.

It’s time to live just for your dream

One of the best thing from Komodo liveaboard experience is that it frees you from the burden of everyday responsibilities—even thinking about what to do next. The crews will prepare the best itinerary, cooks all your meals, and keep the boat clean and cozy. Some liveaboard even provides onboard spa services! All you have to do is just relax and life the moment to the fullest. Sailing with liveaboard to pristine destination will be one of those rare time when you can just swim, lounging, enjoy a panoramic view, or do nothing all day long without falling into a guilty trap. The only thing to make you feel tired is hiking, diving, and exploring the world of Komodo dragon. And I guarantee you, that’s the kind of exhaustion that will bring smile to your face.

Uncover Seminyak Bars Must Go While Vacation

Vacation to Bali is incomplete if you don’t visit the bars of some of the tourist’s favorite areas. Bali seems to have been packed with bars, clubs and more to just spend the night. Seminyak bars line up and have become a night’s rest for tourists. This is the best and must be in your checklist.

Seminyak Bars

Bali, in fact, has attracted a lot of attention from world tourists. Development of pleasure facilities continues to grow and be popular. There are many Seminyak bars that offer attractive promos every day. You can enjoy a bottle of beer and see the surrounding nightlife. Are you looking for the best Seminyak bars or looking for the bars that are happening right now? Or are you looking for a sports bar?

Sea Vu Play Seminyak Bars

This one Seminyak bar has a unique concept with pirate themes. This semi-outdoor bar offers something different from other bars. You can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. When night falls, you will be taken to enjoy loud music and dancing all night. If Bali is very friendly with gay people, then Sea Vu Play as one of the bars in Seminyak Bali provides convenience for gay people to enjoy the nightlife.

Potato Head

This one bars Seminyak has indeed been widely discussed and is a favorite place for tourists. Famous as a luxury hangout and on the beachfront is an advantage and makes it one of the best bars in Seminyak. People even stand in line to be able to enjoy the Seminyak bars. Make sure you arrive before dark and enjoy the best sunset.

La Planca

Especially what tourists want to do when visiting Bali besides enjoying the beach all day. You can relax at La Planca and enjoy the beach atmosphere whenever you want. Beanbags ready to bring you the pleasure of sunbathing. This is perfect when you run away from winter.

The Townhouse

Want to enjoy a rooftop with views of Seminyak beach? You can visit one of the right Seminyak bars for you to enjoy breakfast until your dinner. The townhouse always offers something interesting for tourists. This is the best place to enjoy the sunset.

Seminyak bars are indeed hangout places that are hard to miss. You will see a very different side of Bali at night. Don’t choose the bar in Bali. There are several areas that offer bars for young people or those who just want to relax.

The Best Way to Have Komodo Island Tour

More visitors are getting enchanted by Komodo’ prehistoric charm and outlandish beauty. Thousands of travelers start to follow the beaten path for discovering the exotic lost island. Today, many Komodo Island tour operators spring to take the wanderer off Floresian border and get immersed on Nature’s prettiest creations. Here’s how to get the most of your trip in Flores.

The Best Way to Have Komodo Island Tour
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Choose Multiple Day Trip Over Day Trip

When you come to Labuan Bajo, Flores’ brimming port town and the only place to launch to the notorious Komodo National Park, you will notice the availability of different trip packages. Generally, trip in Flores is offered in two version; one day trip and multiple day trip with variation in length.

One day trip is perfect for people who don’t have much time but want to get a glimpse of how Komodo looks like. A one day trip is usually done in a fast boat with maximum three destinations to fit on a single trip. if you choose this trip, you probably would get to see only the highlight of the National Park; the dragons in Komodo Island, hiking the Padar Island lookout, a quick chill in Pink Beach, and, if the time allows, maybe you can cram a short plunge in one of Komodo’s diving site.

If you want to have the real Komodo Island tour, however, we strongly suggest you to spare at least three to six days to take the multiple day trips. This way, you will have enough time to explore every island, venture to every beaches, and even visit the less taken destination. Taking the multiple day trip also means you will be boarding on a liveaboard during the trip, and that alone will make a unique travel experience.

The Best Way to Have Komodo Island Tour
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Calculate When to Have Komodo Island Tour

Some people don’t really put time in consideration while planning their Komodo Island tour. Some goes only by the “best time” recommendation, which commonly agreed anytime between July to August. While the weather do shine the brightest during these times, we personally have another suggestion. Our rule to determine the best time to visit Komodo should be:

  • (Woman only) You won’t have your period during the time of Komodo travel. Aside of being dangerous for seeing the dragons, it’s no fun to snorkel, dive, and swim with periods on.
  • It’s not during any public holidays or school holidays—which, unfortunately, falls between July to early August.
  • It’s not during the mating season, which usually occurred between May to August. If you are lucky, you will witness a combat show between two males Komodo fighting over a female or territory. Generally, however, the males would prefer to hide deeper in the forest to search the females and subsequently being harder to be found. 

Choose Luxurious over Budget Liveaboard

When we are talking about getting the best of Komodo Island tour, of course we would be talking about accommodation. And by accommodation we mean, obviously, the liveaboard. That ship slash hotel room slash dive centre that will be taking you sailing and exploring the deepest of the National Park. If having a smooth sailing experience and pampered with creature comfort in the middle of a frontier is included in your category of good trip, then it would only be logical to hire a more luxurious liveaboard than the more budget-conscious one. Trust us, the difference is real.

Who’s the Lightweight Travel Hammock Is Actually For?

When it comes to traveling, we are planning and trying to bring as lighter items as possible. There are at least 2 reasons why is that. First, you won’t give more burden on your shoulders and you surely won’t want to pay more for the plane baggage. So that, now there are so many travel items that have been produced really light, just like the lightweight travel hammock that you can brings even to your office without anyone knows about it.

Who's lightweight travel hammock is for?

Mostly, the lightweight travel hammock can be neatly folded and won’t use many of the rooms when you are putting it inside your bag. It is truly a thin travel item that you can really put in your messenger.

Even though most of the lightweight travel hammocks are used when traveling and adventuring, on a trip to somewhere as the hanging shelter, they don’t mean that you could only buy a hammock when you are the traveler or adventurer. It shouldn’t mean as that because there should be more people who need to experience the positive and great advantages of it.

So, can you really buy the lightweight travel hammock even if you are not traveling a lot?

I would say a big YES for that question!

A lightweight travel hammock is actually for those who need to spend their leisure time on the air. Its setup is by hanging it and you will need the stands for it, then you can start to experiences the swing just like when you were a baby. It will be a gentle swing at first when you are jump into it, so it can possible be as the grandparent-friendly. Children are also welcomed to joining in if they want and I think they will run to it the first time the will see the hammock.

We have known that the lightweight travel hammock is truly helpful for many of us to brings it in our trip. Not only because you can brings the lighter item, but also you will have your own personal shelter at the tropical beach you will be visited. Don’t you think that being inside it when sun is set will be the great deal on your trip, do you?

Many of the travelers and also the regular guys have also been reported that using their own lightweight travel hammock at the road when go out in a short trip or even at home is also benefit their health. Those who get insomnia will be really recommended to get this item and start using it.

It is believed and also been proven if the lightweight travel hammock is allowing us to fall asleep faster than what we have been experienced before. When you are in a trip just like hiking the mountain, sometimes, getting asleep can be faster at anywhere caused by you are exhausted. You have been walking a long day and then you could sleep at anywhere even without any extra layer you put on the ground.

But it is truly different with the usage of the lightweight travel hammock that you will be used it to sleep. Even if you aren’t tired or exhausted and intend to uses it for sleeping, most of the times you won’t need more minutes to start snoring. Somehow, it can be as our own relaxation item since it is working precisely as that.

So, now you have known who can actually buy and use the lightweight travel hammock right? Any of us is can be recommended to get one if that will be possible. We just investing some of the dollars and can be uses it for even 10 years. That will be a great investment you have ever made.