The Best Way to Have Komodo Island Tour


More visitors are getting enchanted by Komodo’ prehistoric charm and outlandish beauty. Thousands of travelers start to follow the beaten path for discovering the exotic lost island. Today, many Komodo Island tour operators spring to take the wanderer off Floresian border and get immersed on Nature’s prettiest creations. Here’s how to get the most of your trip in Flores.

The Best Way to Have Komodo Island Tour
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Choose Multiple Day Trip Over Day Trip

When you come to Labuan Bajo, Flores’ brimming port town and the only place to launch to the notorious Komodo National Park, you will notice the availability of different trip packages. Generally, trip in Flores is offered in two version; one day trip and multiple day trip with variation in length.

One day trip is perfect for people who don’t have much time but want to get a glimpse of how Komodo looks like. A one day trip is usually done in a fast boat with maximum three destinations to fit on a single trip. if you choose this trip, you probably would get to see only the highlight of the National Park; the dragons in Komodo Island, hiking the Padar Island lookout, a quick chill in Pink Beach, and, if the time allows, maybe you can cram a short plunge in one of Komodo’s diving site.

If you want to have the real Komodo Island tour, however, we strongly suggest you to spare at least three to six days to take the multiple day trips. This way, you will have enough time to explore every island, venture to every beaches, and even visit the less taken destination. Taking the multiple day trip also means you will be boarding on a liveaboard during the trip, and that alone will make a unique travel experience.

The Best Way to Have Komodo Island Tour
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Calculate When to Have Komodo Island Tour

Some people don’t really put time in consideration while planning their Komodo Island tour. Some goes only by the “best time” recommendation, which commonly agreed anytime between July to August. While the weather do shine the brightest during these times, we personally have another suggestion. Our rule to determine the best time to visit Komodo should be:

  • (Woman only) You won’t have your period during the time of Komodo travel. Aside of being dangerous for seeing the dragons, it’s no fun to snorkel, dive, and swim with periods on.
  • It’s not during any public holidays or school holidays—which, unfortunately, falls between July to early August.
  • It’s not during the mating season, which usually occurred between May to August. If you are lucky, you will witness a combat show between two males Komodo fighting over a female or territory. Generally, however, the males would prefer to hide deeper in the forest to search the females and subsequently being harder to be found. 

Choose Luxurious over Budget Liveaboard

When we are talking about getting the best of Komodo Island tour, of course we would be talking about accommodation. And by accommodation we mean, obviously, the liveaboard. That ship slash hotel room slash dive centre that will be taking you sailing and exploring the deepest of the National Park. If having a smooth sailing experience and pampered with creature comfort in the middle of a frontier is included in your category of good trip, then it would only be logical to hire a more luxurious liveaboard than the more budget-conscious one. Trust us, the difference is real.