Let the Wind Blows: An Idyllic Komodo Boat Journey


To those of you who proclaim yourself as traveler but haven’t been to Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, let me tell you something. You are missing out something great, a lot. Home to more than 17.000 islands, Indonesia is one of the best country to have some adventure of lifetime. Labuan Bajo, Flores, which mainly famous for its Komodo National Park, is definitely among the best destination on this country. Aside of being the only natural habitat of the last dragons on earth, the National Park is filled with remote islands lined with white ribbon of sandy beaches and other rare beauty. For those who dream of pure wanderlust, who wants to go where few tourists have gone before, this is truly a dream come true. And crossing the Flores Sea by Komodo boat is the only way to explore the outermost islands and discover their rare beauty.

Let the Wind Blows: An Idyllic Komodo Boat Journey

A Slow Living with Komodo Boat

Oh, how the Labuan Bajo is very articulated with their boats. To experience the best of the tour, you really need to pick up a decent boat. A big boat that won’t really got you swayed by the ocean tides and bring nausea on the deck. Most good boat in Labuan Bajo offers proper cabins and a bed to sleep in, and make sure you choose those boats because, after those adventure, you really need something nice to sleep in! Along  with the boat you will find kitchen (to prepare your meals during the excursion), a communal fridge, and some storage spaces for the crew and everyone in the boat.

Komodo boat has this special charm to drift anyone from reality once they set their foot on its deck.  When the wind is right, the boat will glide effortlessly though the bright turquoise water of Flores with only the sounds of the wind bristling past your face. The boat will take you through idyllic bush fringed beaches, crystal clear ocean, and, occasionally, dock to one of Flores’s remote villages only to be welcomed with warm greetings and cheeky children.

Your days in the boat are going to roll by at a leisurely pace. There’s no assignment to worry about, no routines to do, nor clients to meet. It’s only you, the boat, and the open sea. Whenever there are no island excursion or diving schedule on the time, feel free to waste your time under the deck’s canopies, getting mesmerised by the gleaming ocean. Several times a day, your captain will stop the beach on diving spots, hidden beaches, or another picture-perfect savannah-covered islands.

With most liveaboard trips in Labuan Bajo sailing within three to seven days excursion, it’s time to say momentarily goodbye to civilisation.